The Competition . . . Over the years there were many Pittsburgh radio stations that tried to challenge KQV for the top 40 crown. Among those were KDKA, WEEP, WIXZ, 13Q, WZUM, and WPEZ.

WIXZ 1360 took to the air in February, 1969 when Wain & Weiss purchased WMCK. WMCK's Terry Lee made the switch along with a whole new lineup that included George Brewer from 6 - 9 am, Jerry Butler from 9 am - 4pm, 'Wild Child' Dick Kemp from 4 - 9 pm, Terry Lee from 9 pm - 1 am, and Bobby Harper from 1 - 6 am as the WIXZ Supermen. T.L.'s 'Music For Young Lovers' was kept and incorporated into the new WIXZ 1360. The format was a carry over of WIXY 1260, Cleveland's Super Radio. Seque the robot transitioned the station from WMCK to WIXZ. WIXZ failed in it's attempt to knock off KQV and eventually moved to more of a gold based format as WIXZ Solid Rock and Gold. Mark Roberts spent time at WIXZ before moving over to WTAE. Jeff Christie was WIXZ's morning man before moving over to KQV in October of 1972.
Special thanks to WT Koltek for providing this aircheck recorded by the late Gary Waight
Part 1 includes Seque the Robot & 'Wild Child' Dick Kemp. Part 2 includes Dick Kemp and Terry Lee introducing the WIXZ Supermen on WIIC-TV's "Come Alive. A Jeff Christie WIXZ Aircheck appears on Uncle Ricky's Reelradio website
For More on WIXZ, see DJ Randy McDaniel's Tribute page to WIXZ

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