Pittsburgh Press
June 2, 1965

By Vince Leonard

     TELEPHONE TALK SHOWS on radio are getting to be bell-ringers.

     Country-wide growth has been so rapid that a national magazine has planned a story on the trend. Pittsburgh has four.

     And a new one starts Sunday.

     KQV - yes, KQV - is coming up with "Controversy," with Al Julius manning the microphone- telephone combo. Word is Al will "just open the phone and let them go." Of course, the seven second delay will be used for safety valve purposes to keep the psychos and the profane off.

     "Controversy' is set for 8 to 10 p.m. each Sunday.

     Mike Levine has "Contact" for KDKA nightly at 8:05, Merle Pollis skippers "Comment" at WJAS nightly at 7:05 and Paul Arons does "Expert At The Mike" weekdays at 1:30 on WEDO. Of course, the champs in the telephone- talk set are Ed and Wendy King of KDKA's "Party Line," around 10 o'clock nightly.

     Julius did such a show for three years in Denver. "Controversy" is the first venture for rock and roll heavy KQV.