On December 1, 1959, KQV began a new feature called "Dial-A-Score." Listeners could call anytime and get updated scores and sports headlines. It was an amazing success. Just Dial EXpress 1- 3510 for up to date scores. It became such an overnight success that Bell Telephone could not handle the volume of calls and had to institute a new exchange for radio stations that is still in use in Pittsburgh today. The DEwey exchange is what we know as the 333 numbers that almost all Pittsburgh radio stations are still using. You may remember 333-9-333 for Dial-A-Score!
Dial-A-Score Jingle 1a (EXpress 1-3510)
"You can Dial-A-Score on the telephone, you'll hear a 1 minute capsule sports report, new instant sports, Express 1-35-10 for the latest scores, Dial Express 1-35-10, The KQV Dial-A-Score (whisper) Express 1-35-10"
Dial-A-Score Jingle 1b (EXpress 1-3510)
"You can call Dial-A-Score. Instant sports on your telephone. So dial Express 1-35-10. Get the latest, Dial-A-Score on KQV"
Dial-A-Score Jingle 2 (333-9190)
"You can Dial-A-Score on the telephone, you'll hear a 1 minute capsule sports report, new instant sports, Dial 333-9-333 for the latest scores, 333-9-333, The KQV Dial-A-Score"
Pittsburgh Press, December, 15, 1959.
Draws 18,000
Call in 3 Days
   KQV Offers Latest Results
   Via Telephone Recording
     By Fred Remington
   The Press special correspondent in the Hotel Pittsburgher Travel Bar reports a new conversational morsel preoccupying the wits and bob vivants who foregather there.
   It is KQV's "Dial-A-Score," which enables the sports fan to get a full roundup of scores at any hour of day or night by phoning EXpress 1-3510. Football, baseball, hockey, golf, and for all I know, jai alai and cock fights in the Nicaraguan Friends of Poultry League. KQV tapes a new record for the device every hour.
   "Dial-A-Score" has been in operation just two weeks, and 18,000 people dialed it over the weekend just passed. It started out with 20 extensions, to which 10 more were added yesterday, and 10 more are being held in reserve.
   Six hundred calls were placed between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. Sunday, and I'd like to meet one of those people who are worrying about basketball scores at 4 o'clock on Sunday morning.
   Our Travel Bar man reports that the sports buying clientele up there regards this as radio's greatest service since the . They have more than an academic interest in the outcome of sports events do many of these weary travelers, who believe that east of Oakland the natives tend rice paddies and live in bamboo huts.

... The following appeared in a Press article by Fred Remington on his visit to KQV May 4,1960...

KQV people still awed by incredible volume of calls pulled in by their "Dial-A-Score". In a 4 hour period on Saturday, 2100 calls. What if all from pay phones; what a bundle for phone company  "We have a tiger by the tail." syas Manager John Gibbs. "What are we going to do during football season when there are so many more scores."

Visit Ken Hildebrand in news director's cublicle facing on Smithfield Street. Window had many little smudges. "We wash windows once a day," says Frank Maruca, "but people keep pressing their noses against them." Suggest easier to let window go, wash noses. "Impracticle says Frank.

KQV Dial-A-Score Ad from Sponsor Magazine September 3, 1962

KQV Dial-A-Score Picture from Sponsor Magazine June 1, 1962