Dick Drury
Dick Drury came to KQV in January 1960 to handle the afternoon (1-3 pm) slot. Drury became KQV's production director when Sam Holman leftfor WLS in April. He then replaced Chuck Daughtery as program director. In March 1961, Dick returned to the air on KQV from 3 - 6:30 pm. In June 1961 Dick segued to mornings when Rod Roddy left. Drury hired Bill Western for mornings at the end of July and left Pittsburgh for WIL St. Louis.

Accoring to the Inside Pittsburgh Radio feature: "In 1950, Dick Drury began his career at the age of 15 at WSRS, Cleveland. In the 10 years since he was a teenage radio star, Dick has worked at stations in Detroit, Akron and Portland, Ore."

Dick produced many of KQV's promos while has was at KQV. Including, The Missing K, The Joy of Listening, KQV Commerical Counter, KQV Gold Bricker, KQV Golden Numbers, KQV Mystery Phone, and the KQV Trick or Treat House, among others.

The Missing K
Bill Western Promo
The Joy of Good Listening - Johnny Mathis
Dave Scott Show Promo
The Joy of Good Listening - Brian Hyland
Larry Aiken Show Promo
Al Crouch News Promo
KQV Chill Promo
KQV Commercial Counter
KQV House Cleaning
No Talking Over Records
KQV More Music More Often
KQV Gold Bricker
KQV Lawn Mower
KQV Golden Numbers
KQV Frequency
KQV Mystery Phone
KQV Trick or Treat House
KQV Leadership Station