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Chuck Dougherty Leaves KQV With 'No Comment'

     Chuck Dougherty has abruptly departed from KQV where he was wake up disc jockey and program director.

     As recently as ;ast Thursday Dougherty was talking about hiring new announcers and flying to Dallas to make promotional jingles for the ABC-owned-and-operated station. But he was off the air Monday morning.

     As to his plans and the reason for his sudden departure, Dougherty said yestereday: "I'm set. Otherwise, no comment."

     RALPH BEAUDIN, KQV general manager said Dougherty resigned to accept a better deal. Asked if there were and connection between Dougherty's resignation and ABC's investigation into payola practices in its ranks, Beaudin said: "I'll give you the same answer Dougherty gave."

     Dougherty's answer was "no comment." Beaudin and Dougherty had signed a network questionaire about outside music connections sent to all employes about three weeks ago. Dougherty had cut some records for the Roulette label.

     TRADE SOURCES SAID Dougherty was miffed because he had been overlooked in a search for a successor to Beaudin, who leaves Pittsburgh in January ro assume management of WLS, ABC outlet in Chicago. Beaudin said seeveral persons are being considered for the job.

     It was also reported Dougherty was negotiating to buy into Wheeling station WKWK, an ABC affiliate. Bob Newsome, the outlet's program director said: "It's a distinct improbability ... But I wouldn't discount it entirely."

     Sam Holman has replaced Dougherty on the morning show. KQV has hired a new announcer, Byron Zint of WEOA, Evansville Ind., and is dickering with other talent.