KQV Radio 14 can make your wildest dream come true
Everyone has a fantasy ... a dream they would like to live. What's your fantasy?
A year's vacation in Hawaii with your family? A summer home in Bermuda? A college education for your children? Matching "his" and "hers" Corvettes? A live-in maid for 3 years?
A trip for you and fifty friends to every Super Bowl for the next five years? An audition with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra?
These are only ideas to get your imagination started. You tell KQV what you want to win.
If your FANTASY in legal and obtainable up to $25,000, KQV can make your wildest dream come true.
How to enter:
. Write out your Fantasy in 100 words or less and mail it along with your name, address and phone number to 
How you win:
. Listen to KQV Radio 14!
Your FANTASY may be drawn.
. When you hear your
dream you've won a valu-
able prize by calling KQV at
333-9190 within 14 minutes,
. Listen for the final draw-
ing when someone, maybe you, will win the prize of a lifetime. The opportunity to live your FANTASY... Paid for, up to $25,000 by KQV RADIO 14.
DISCLAIMER: Entries must meet legal and program standards. There will be as many as 842 semi-finalist winners and one grand FANTASY winner. KQV employees, their families and serevicing agencies NOT eligible.
c KQV 1973
From Pittsburgh Press
October 8, 1973