'Fantasy' Is Going Home
   "Come On, Cheese Me." Mrs. Monika Welsh
said to her husband, Ray as this picture was
being taken. Mrs. Welsh, a native of Hamburg,
Germany, had good reason today to be 
frivolous. She was first place winner in the
KQV Pittsburgh Radio station "Fantasy 
Contest." First prize in the contest was
realization of the contestants big dream. Mrs
Welsh's big dream was to visit her parents
and family in Hamburg. This will be the first
time in six years the sparkling eyed German
will see her family, since coming to the 
United States. She met her husband while he
was on tour of duty with the armed services.
Receiving what she sais she first thought was
a "prank call" about 8 a.m. today. Mrs. Welsh
said she soon realized she had won the 
contest. Later this morning, members of KQV
came to her home at 11-D, Greenwood
Heights to give her the official good news. The
prize she will receive consists of a two-week
trip for two to Hamburg, with all expenses
paid. She and her husband will also get
$2,000 for wardrobe and $1,000 in spending
money. Mrs. Welsh said her parents, who
work for the Army in Germany, could not be
reached this morning to let them know the
good news. Her husband said he is still going
to have to check to see if he can get two
weeks off from work to go with his wife.
According to Mrs. Welsh, radio station
officials told her she had a won in 8,000
chance of getting the big prize. (Courier photo)
The article above appears in the The Daily Courier on November 30, 1973