Dan joined WDVE as production director in 1973 and was a regular weekend jock there from 1975 to 1978. He officially joined the KQV staff in 1975 when Taft bought the radio stations from ABC, and was made production director of the AM, too, as part of a consolidation effort. While there he also produced the later episodes of Turkeyman, among many other projects. After leaving the radio stations in 1978, he went to New York to study acting, but soon returned to radio as production manager of NBC's The Source Radio Network. In 1982 Dan left to form his own Radio Today syndication company, and sold it in 1998 to the ABC Radio Networks, where he continues to serve as Vice President and Creative Director. Dan's daily Today In Rock History feature, which he hosts, has been in national syndication since 1979.

Dan Formento
Photo courtesy Carl Eckels
Dan was kind enough to send these audio files from his collection.
14K Station Composite from Spring 1974. Narrated by 14K Program Director Mel Phillips, this demo includes airchecks from Bob DeCarlo, Larry Clark, Rick Shaw and Jeff Christie. (14:43)
KQV Election Promo for 1974 elections. (:31)
14K Multiple Sclerosis Promo. (note the spoof on 13Q's "If your phone rings" promotion) (:41)
Great 14K Summer Getaway Promo. (:47)
More Great 14K Summer Getaway Promos. (2 promos 1:22)
14KQV No Hitters vs Pirates Wives Promos. (2 promos - 1:47)
14K DeFranco Family Concert Giveaway Promos (4 promos 2:34)
14KQV No Stars vs Allegheny Girls
All Star Softball Game Promos (2 promos 1:22)
KQV - WDVE 1974 Stations Sales Demo (edited)
Narrated by Bob DeCarlo (2:29)