Thanks to Michael Potoski for providing these images !

 KQV Bumper Sticker (year unknown)

 March, 1969


 KQV gave away cassette players as they were the new in thing !
 Big Steve Rizen moved to Mid-days when Hal Murray came to KQV

  KQV brought in the Biggest Shows
 A $2.50 ticket brought entertainment by
 ... The Crystals, Gene Pitney, The Shirelles,
 The Dixie Cups, The Ripchords, Reflections,
 Major Lance, Brenda Holloway, Bryan Hyland,
 and ... The Supremes all in One Show !!!

KQV Played Pittsburgh's Biggest Hits ...

 Whether it was the Finest Forty or the Hit Parade ...
 KQV always played the hits !

 Thanks to W.T.Koltek for providing a copy of
 Pittsburgh Teen Scene from November 1969

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 Thanks to William A. Padron for these images...

 These PAT Trollies were found in Pittsburgh in 1974 & 1975.
 After KQV dropped the 14K identity, it was repainted
 for use by FM sister station WDVE

 Thanks to William A Padron and
 from the collection of the late Gerald H. Landau

Pie Traynor with Herman Schmidt
March 24, 1951
courtesy of Robert Bishop

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