6:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M.
As the record spins to a close the voice breaks in, "Well, you heard it - Peter, Paul and Mary - from the Popular Mechanics Song Book - 'If I Had A Hammer' - Gearhart, your leader, and there's just fifteen more minutes for you nine o'clockers."
You are approaching the Fort Pitt Tunnels, and in the snarl of traffic you see the guy in the open convertible smile as the KQV logo is played. He got it. But, you've got to be alert. As the thought goes through your mind, Gearhart has already thrown two more funny thoughts, and is now describing the KQV "fabulous" Late, Late, Late Movie for Tonight - "I Was a Teenage Spirochete" - intimate saga of Louis Pasteur - starring Sal Mineo in the title role - with Haley Mills as Doctor Paul Dudley White, Tuesday Weld as Albert Schweitzer - and special guest star Fats Domino as the Mayo Clinic. This is the whimsy of Gearhart - college major in American Literature, a man who can as easily descourse on Milton, Keats, and Ambrose Bierce as the traffic situation on the Parkway. Married, father of two, Gearhart came to KQV, January, 1962, after the management had auditioned some 150 "talent" tapes. Gearhart is talent. A genuine find. Check the ratings. Check with your Eastman representative for availabilities.