Gary Gears
Of all the members of the KQV airstaff, Gary may have had one of the best voices of all. The "Big G" joined KQV in 1968. Gary served in the US Armed Services and was heard on AFVN radio in Vietnam before coming to KQV from Minneapolis St Paul. After leaving Pittsburgh , Gary spent most of his career in Chicago at legendary stations WCFL, WLS and many others including  WDAI, WIND, WJEZ, WJJD, WKQX, WMAQ and WRQX.  He also spent time at CHUM in Toronto. 

Gary's voice was on commercials all over the country in the 70's.  You'll remember his voice from the many spots he did for Sears Auto Centers.  You may have even bought tires or a battery after hearing Gary. If you remember the Green Giant commercials, you will remember Gary as the voice of the Ho Ho Ho's of the Jolly GreenGiant.

Sadly, Gary passed away on February 17, 1991 at the age of 46 from a heart attack. Thanks to Greg Gears, Gary's brother for providing some of these rare airchecks from early June 1970.

This other Gary Gears aircheck is on-line on Uncle Ricky's Reel Top 40 Archives from January 1971. Gary Gears on WLS, January, 1970

Gary Gears was inducted to the Nebraska Radio Personalities Hall of Fame
as a Legendary Performer in 2001 !

Gary Gears Gets a Medal in Vietnam
(courtesy Bob Morecook
Gary Gears from AFRN
(courtesy Bob Morecook)

Gary Gears tribute site by Vasily. The url is
Gary Gears Airchecks
 KQV Gary Gears Aircheck (25:18) June 4, 1970
 KQV Gary Gears Aircheck (18:54) June 6,1970
 Gary Gears 1970 Aircheck (8:51)  August 2, 1970
 KQV Gary Gears Aircheck (12:53) August 28, 1969
 KQV Gary Gears Aircheck (22:25) Sometime during Week of May 8-15, 1970
 KQV Gary Gears Aircheck (4:23) April 10, 1970
 AFVN Army Specialist 4 Gary W Gears
 (6:57) AFVN (American Forces Vietnam News). January 1969. Courtesy
 AFVN Army Specialist 4 Gary W Gears Newscast
 (5:09) AFVN (American Forces Vietnam News). Thank you to Bob Morecook (1969).  This
 rebroadcast is from the Paul Kaspar collection of AFVN recordings. AFVN Computer support
 provided by Houston Community College System - Southwest College
 Fans of Gary Gears should visit Uncle Ricky's Reel Top 40 Archives and hear Gary's work on
 the WXLW airchecks. Gary is the station voice and can be heard on the station imaging
 including sweepers, id's and contest promos.

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