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Gary Gets a Medal in Vietnam
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Gary Gears may have had one of the best voices of all. The "Big G" joined WLS in 1971 after a brief stop at WCFL. Gary started at the Big 89 doing the 1-5 am overnight shift. By 1972, Gary had moved to middays working 9 til 12 noon replacing Joel Sebastian. In 1973, Gary was replaced by J.J. Jeffrey. 

Gary Gears spent time at the legendary KOIL in Omaha before joining and serving in the US Armed Services. Gary was heard on AFVN radio in Vietnam. After his time in the service, Gary went to KQV in Pittsburgh from Minneapolis St Paul. After leaving Pittsburgh , Gary spent most of his career in Chicago at legendary stations WCFL, WLS and many others including  WDAI, WIND, WJEZ, WJJD, WKQX, WMAQ and WRQX.  He also spent time at CHUM in Toronto.

Gary Gears , Fred Winston, and Kris Erik Stevens all worked in Pittsburgh at ABC owned and operated KQV before joining WLS.

Gary's voice was heard on commercials all over the country in the 70's.  You'll remember his voice from the many spots he did for Sears Auto Centers.  You may have even bought tires or a battery after hearing Gary.

Gary Gears was also the station voice on many radio stations throughout the country. You can hear him doing liners and promos on a couple of WXLW Indianapolis airchecks at

Sadly, Gary passed away on February 17, 1991 at the age of 46. 

Thanks to Greg Gears, Gary's brother for providing these rare airchecks from early June 1970.

Thanks to Greg Barman for the following Garry Gears mp3 aircheck

WLS Rock of Chicago - Garry Gears December 29, 1971

This other Gary Gears aircheck is on-line on Uncle Ricky's Reel Top 40 Archives from January 1971 ...

Gary Gears on WLS, January, 1970

Gary Gears was inducted to the
Nebraska Radio Personalities Hall of Fame
as a Legendary Performer in 2001 !