From the files of former KQV VP and GM John D. Gibbs - Page #2
Following the passing of John's wife Evelyn Gibbs on September 16, 2006. Jeff & Nathan Gibbs, John & Evelyn's sons were kind enough to think of me and allowed me to copy more pictures and add them to this website.
This ad focused on ABC's Owned and Operated Stations. John Gibbs is 3rd from the left.
(from left to right) Ben Hoberman - KABC ,George Williams - WABC, John Gibbs - KQV
Ed McLaughlin - KGO, Ron Sack - KXYZ, Chuck Fritz - WXYZ, Gene Taylor - WLS
(thanks to former KQV research director Jeff Woodruff for identifying the seven presidents)
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Cover from the 1974 KQV/WDVE
Senior Expo hosted by
Bob DeCarlo & Denise Oliver

Cover from the 1974 KQV
Bridal Fair hosted by
Bob DeCarlo

KQV Program Director Bob Harper, Diane Perry and
John Gibbs with 1973 Golden Quill Award

John Gibbs and Arthur Brusco open
a CARE Package

KQV's Russ Martz (left), Al Julius (center) and Garrett Blanchfield (right)
1965 Golden Quill Awards Winners.
Worth Seymour, awards chairman is seated next to Mr. Gibbs.
(Can anyone help with the names of the rest)
John Gibbs accepts award from National Association of Broadcasters
Pennsylvania Week 1952

Hal Neal, Jr.. Simon Seagal, John Gibbs, Leonard Goldenson
pictured in early 1970's
John Gibbs at the 1972 Jerry Lewis
MDA Telethon

John Gibbs with Allegheny County Commissioners
Leonard Stacy & Thomas Forrester

John Gibbs with Allegheny County Commissioner
William McClelland in front of KQVehicle

Thanks to Jeff Woodruff for identifying this picture
Front Row - Don Curran (I think), Hal Neal, Jr.  ABC
2nd Row - Chuck Fritz - WXYZ, Ben Hoberman - KABC, John Gibbs - KQV
3rd Row - Wally Schwartz, Ralph Beaudin

John Gibbs in the office
(Can you identify who he is with?)

John Gibbs at 3 Rivers Stadium as KQV donates
Little League Equipment. Also shown are
Pirates Willie Stargell and Al Oliver.
John Gibbs shown in later 1940's or early 1950's
(Can you identify who he is with?)

John Gibbs and Tower French of the Mallory Battery Company accept an award from the
101st Airborne Division as KQV sent transistor radios to GI's in Vietnam

KQV's John Gibbs, Pittsburgh National Bank's Al Irson (sp) and the KQV Genie Robbie Rae
prepare to draw the winner of the KQV $25,000 Fantasy on the Bob DeCarlo Show on
November 20, 1973. More details are on the KQV $25,000 Fantasy Page.

John Gibbs with Parker Duncan and Turkey

John Gibbs with Turkey
(Does anyone know what promotion this was for and what year)

Hal Neal Jr, Pittsburgh Mayor Joe Barr, unknown and John Gibbs
and unidentified band
(please help identify the others)

An interesting presentation from June 8, 1971
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