Look and Listen
John Gibbs,Devote of Classics, May Head Rock 'n' Roll KQV

     John Gibbs, scholarly devotee of classical music and New Orleans jazz, reportedly is slated to step up to the post of general manager of radio station KQC which has been almost strictly a rock 'n' roll outlet.

     The move would take place once Ralph Beaudin present general manager of the ABC - owned and operated station, moves permanently to Chicago, where the network has bought full interest in WLS.

     Gibbs in program and sales coorinator of the 5,000 watt station, which became a strong factor in the audience rating race when it purchased three years ago by ABC and the r'n'r formula was installed.

     SALE OF THE CHICAGO STATION hinges on a favorable tax ruling which ABC wants from the federal govermnet. If the ruling is adverse to the network, there is a possibility the sale would be cancelled and Beudin would remain in Pittsburgh.

     In the meatime, Beaudin has been commuting by airplane between the two stations.

     Gibbs, with KQV since 1945, conducted a nightly Music for Reading show and a six-and-a-half hour Saturday concert of classical music before the station underwent the change. He also inaugurated a series of informal chats with Williams Steinberg, conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony.

     Steinberg's brand of music hasn't fit the KQV formula for some time.

     Durig an interview several yeats ago, Gibbs, a Margantown (W Va) native confessed an affection for New Orleans and Chicago-style jazz, Benny Goodman's band and Gordon MacRae, Dinah Shore and Frank Sinatra vocals.