Hal Murray
The Pittsburgh Press
February 17, 1964
page 38

DEBUT - Hal Murray, formerly of KDWB, Minneapolis, began this morning as KQV's early hours disc jockey. His 'Murray-Go-Round' goes on the air at 6 a.m. Mondays through Saturdays.

The Pittsburgh Press
March 5, 1964
Page 62


     Early in the morning - real early in the morning - Hal Murray greets KQV listeners with "This is Hal Murray, the Thief of Bagdad"

     "I don't pretend that it's not corn," he said. "That's how I get away with it. Otherwise, I'd be in trouble." He needs a lot of corn to go with his 28 hours air time a week.

     Murray comes here from KDWB in Minneapolis where he earned the title of Mr. Twin Cities" with his highly rated laugh riot. Before that he was with stations in Dallas, Hollywood, San Antonio, Milwaukee and Miami Beach.

     He has been in radio 25 years and has "done" legitimate theater, night club acts and television shows.

     He writes, too, turning out numerous musical revues while with the Amy Signal Corps during World War II.

     Hal and his wife, whom he met while doing the Tom Ewell role in "Seven Year Itch" on stage, have two children, Michael and Marie.

     The claim that disc jockeys play only the records they want to was termed "absolutely false" by Murray. "We have our finger on the pulse of the public. We give them 'contemporary sound.', what they want to hear."