Harry West
5 am to 9 am

Harry West came to KQV in January 1969 from WARM in Wilkes Barre- Scranton. KQV Program Director Mike McCormick said, "Harry was our new AM Traffic Time on-air personality ... who was Harry West, of the Harry West Show.  I liked Harry because he had a natural feel for radio comedy .... and he really enjoyed having fun on the air. An extra and unexpected asset that came along with Harry, was that Harry sounded like Pittsburgh". Harry became papa to a radio crafted version of the then ... widely popular, NBC-TV show ... LAUGH IN. It became #1 teens and 18-34 men and women. His total 6am-10am ARB ratings were consistently #1 in Pittsburgh ... only KDKA had larger ratings .... 65+".

Harry left KQV in December 1971. After KQV, Harry returned to Suquehanna Broadcasting and WSBA in York, Pa. Harry returned to North Eastern Pa, and to WARM, WILK, WEJL and WBAX among others. Harry passed away on October 1, 2019. He was 89.

One thing that people still remember is the Harry West Show Jingle. After more than 30 years, here it is for the first time on the internet. 

Harry West at a WARM event
 Bob Wilson & Harry West Aircheck 1/09/69  (8:20)
 Harry West Aircheck 2/69 (2:13)
 Harry West & Bob Wood Aircheck Summer 1969  (14:43)

KQV's Harry West (left), Sergio Mendes (center) and Chuck Brinkman (right)
with Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kitsko winner of dinner & Mendes Concert
(Billboard Magazine 4/26/1969)