Ken Hildebrand
Ken Hildebrand was a Pittsburgh Radio and TV Pioneer. Ken was part of the KQV news team in the 1950s and returned to the KQV air when the station switched to Top 40 in 1958. Ken's career in Pittsburgh Radio and Television spanned 35 years, working for KQV, WJAS and KDKA. He announced the city's first televised newscast on WDTV. During his stint in Pittsburgh Radio he handled the 11 pm news without missing a program.

Thanks to Ken's son Tim (Ken Jr.) for supplying these items for your viewing. 

In 1960, Ken was honored with a Golden Quill award for his story about the firing of the Mount Lebanon High School Basketball coach. In those days, Top 40 stations did more than just headline reporting. Here is Ken's report from September 6, 1960.
This is a portion of the letter sent to the Golden Quill committee.

Notice that at this time KQV was owned by Allegheny Broadcasting Corporation, a subsidiary of American Broadcasting - Paramount Theatres, Inc. Later this would become KQV Incorporated, and American Broadcasting - Paramount Theatres, Inc. would become the American Broadasting Company - ABC
As an affiliate of ABC Radio, KQV newscasters often fed stories to ABC Radio News. Here is a series of stories on the Steel Strike. Ken recorded stories for both KQV News and ABC News.
Ken Hildebrand's KQV Profile
And ad for Ken Hildebrand's News on KQV from 1953. This was 5 years before
KQV switched to Top 40. Note KQV was still a Mutual Afilliate at this time.
Ken Hildebrand Jr (Tim) Playing with KQV Hi-Hoopers Basketball Team in 1962
Tim also worked with KQV's Dial-A-Score