Press TV-Radio Editor

The Pittsburgh Press, Tuesday February 4, 1975  (page 34)

   TWO WEEKS with the radio dial on KQV offers a hodgepodge of thoughts similar to the hodgepodge of sound.
   As reported here a month or so ago, the new owners, Taft Broadcasting, are offering a bright, lively rock sound without the hard sell.
   Boasting "ratingless radio," the station is avoiding Top 10 with a mixture that occasionally makes one wonder how some artists get inside a recording studio.
   Like most stations in town, you also get the same stuff pretty regularly. The "Ma Bell" spoof, besides being old hat, was overplayed to the point of being irritating.
   The station is also boasting that it was the first in town as 8ZAE. That station went on the air in 1919 but did not become KQV for 3 years; KDKA is accepted in broadcast maials as the beginning of commercial broadcasting.