FROM:   John Tenaglia

DATE:   August 30, 1966

SUBJECT:  Hooper, July-August 1966

The new Hooper has just been received, and again it emphasizes KQV's
excellent position in the Pittsburgh market.

KQV shows great strength in this report, reaching almost 26% of all radio households between 7AM-6PM!  In the afternoon KQV has a tremendous 30% share -- the highest afternoon share ever recorded by the station in Hooper.  Currently, KQV reaches 17% more homes in the afternoon than it's closest competitor!  KDKA -- despite the Pirates baseball broadcasts -- is only slightly ahead of KQV with a 29% share during the day.  The other two major stations, WTAE and WWSW, show a 9% and 14% share respectively. It must be pointed out again that KQV reaches more households than these two stations combined!

As you know, this is not a "fluke" book.  Hooper consistently shows KQV
to be the most economical radio buy in the market.  Here are the shares of the 4 major stations:

            7AM-12Noon       12Noon-6PM    7AM-6PM
KQV        20.2%                  30.1%                   25.9%

KDKA     33.5                      25.8                      29.1
WTAE       8.8                        9.1                        9.0
WWSW   13.4                      14.4                      14.0