Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
   Today ... we are starting a new series for you folks who would like to read about the inside of radio ... all about the people you hear ... and the story behind the things we do.
   We at KQV have built our top popularity by giving the most people what they most want ... and we hope you will find this series entertaining.
   In the meantime, if you have any questions at all about Pittsburgh radio drop me a line and we'll be glad to answer them for you.

   Watch for these columns regularly. I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Larry Aiken
   Most Little boys of six play Cowboys and Indians. But when Larry Aiken was six, he says he played "radio" ... with tin can microphones, etc.
   When Larry grew up to the old age of 14, he got his first job in real radio in his hometown of Evansville, Ind. and then joined KQV earlier this year.
   How old is Larry no? He's only 19 ... but he can be classed as a true veteran. He just recently started his new show on KQV from 9 p.m. to midnight ... and if you tune in, you'll find he's still "playing" radio ... only now, he's got a lot of real people listening.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
News at 55 ?
By Ken Hildebrand
   Radio stations get many questions as to "why do you do this ... and "why don't you do that?
   One of the questions we a KQV often receive is, "why is KQV's news on the air five minutes BEFORE every hour ?"
   Well ... there's a logical answer. We like to be first, and by scheduling news at "55" we bring you the latest local and national news a full five minutes before other stations.
   You can be sure there's a reason for everything that's done ... and incidentally, if you have any questions at all about Pittsburgh radio, we'll be happy to answer them in this column.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Chuck Dougherty
By Sam Holman
   There's proof that today's disc jockeys are well educated, college-trained, literate young men.
   For proof, you need look no further than KQV's "morning" man Chuck Dougherty.
   Chuck majored in radio broadcasting at the University of Kentucky, and collected a good musical background singing with carious orchestras.
   Heard between 6 and 9 a.m., Chuck also serves as KQV's Program Director, which keeps him busy at the station. And, at home he's kept busy with three children, ranging from 10 years old to seven months.
   And we can't forget another member of his family, "Little Red, the talking bloodshot thermometer" ... an idea Chuck used eight years ago, and which has been copied all over the country.
   Chuck represents the new group of radio DJ's who have been thoroughly schooled and trained in entertainment.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
John Teneglia
By Bob Thompson,
Sales Mgr., KQV
   When you hear one of your favorite products advertised over KQV, you may be sure that one of my men has been out to visit them.
   One of radio's most important group are the salesmen ... and what do they sell ?
   They sell the only commodity radio has to sell ... time on the air, ranging from 10 second spots to 60 minute programs.
   It so happens that our "veteran " salesmen is a young man not yet 25 years old.  He is John Teneglia. But despite his youth, John had a broad experience selling radio before he joined KQV two years ago.
   Chances are the next spot you hear on KQV was sold by John.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Henry DaBecco
By Dave Scott
   To answer many questions from you gals ... yes ... Henry DaBecco is a bachelor.
   Will he remain one for long ?  Henry says, "there's nobody in sight. Right now, that is"
   The man who is called "Handsome Henry" draws big crowds at the KQV window - studio as well as a large women's audience from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.
   Henry, a native of Mt. Washington, has been on the Pittsburgh radio scene now for 12 years. He started his career in Connellsville, then came back to Pittsburgh in 1948, and joined the KQV staff in 1957.