Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Johnny McKinney
By Alan Boal
   If you hear KQV's newest disc jockey, Johnny McKinney accidentally start speaking in Spanish, there's a good reason for it.
   For fourteen months, Johnny was a Spanish speaking DJ in Mexico City. Not only that, but he can also speak German fluently, and is familiar with three other languages. He has to rank as one of the most educated radio personalities in the country today.
   Besides his language study, he was in pre-med at Ohio State in his native Columbus before he launched his radio career.
   You can hear Johnny between 1 & 3 every afternoon. When you hear him, you'll find he does pretty well with plain old English, too.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Meet a Lady
Traffic Director
By Bessie Berry
   Did you ever wonder how radio announcers know exactly when to give a certain commercial or other announcement ?
   My job is "directing traffic" at KQV. In radio, we refer to scheduling as "traffic", and it's up to the traffic director to schedule every announcement you hear.
  You can imagine the confusion if there were no traffic directors. Even so, we have our problems like when a special event occurs or when a salesman brings in a last minute commercial order.
   But we usually overcome these problems and do our best to make sure you have a smooth interesting radio day.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Today: Meet
Alan Boal
By Ken Hildebrand
   In the old days of radio almost anybody could become a news announcer but today, we at KQV have selected experienced men like Alan Boal to bring you the news.
   For instance when Alan reports news from Europe, he knows what he's talking about since he livd and traveled in many of the areas where the news is happening.
   Before joining KQV, Alan was a foreign correspondent in Vienna for Armed Forces Radio and has been a radio newsman both here and abroad for 12 years.
   You hear Alan's reports in the morning hours every day over KQV.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
By Pie Traynor
   The revolution has come for you sports fans. No longer do you have to suffer by waiting to hear or read sports results.
   The latest scores are as near as your telephone 24 hours a day, thanks to KQV's Dial-A-Score. All you have to do is dial EX 1 - 3510, and you'll be connected with KQV's sports department which will give you all the up to date scores.
   From what I've heard around town, this is the greatest invention since the first scoreboard was built. In fact, it's even better, because our phone call will bring you the scores anytime you want them.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Bob Isler
By Bob Freker
   You don't often hear much about the men who sell radio time, but they are one of the most important groups at any station and they must have a thorough training before joining a major station such as KQV.
   Take Bob Isler as an example. Bob decided early on a radio time selling career, and so he majored in business at Duquesne University and worked part- time at WDUQ while going to school.
   With both a business and radio background, Bob is in a position to both advise and serve Pittsburgh area businessmen when they want to buy radio time.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Bob McKee
By Bill Jennings
   If, when you hear Bob McKee's nightly news reports over KQV his voice sounds nostalgically familiar, there's a good reason for it.
   Bob has been in radio for 25 years, and chances are you used to hear him on such network shows as "Jack Armstrong the All- American Boy" and "First Nighter."
   Before joining KQV, Bob also spent a year as Don McNeil's announcer on the popular "Breakfast Club."