Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Today: Meet
Dick Drury
By Johnny McKinney
   One of the new voices on Pittsburgh radio belongs to a man who 10 years ago was billed "The country's youngest disc jockey."
   In 1950, Dick Drury began his career at the age of 15 over WSRS, Cleveland. Today, Dick, a mature 25, is heard over KQV every afternoon between 1 and 3.
   Dick's new appointment on KQV is the result of a nationwide talent search to find capable, experienced personnel.
   In the 10 years since he was a teenage radio star, Dick has worked at stations in Detroit, Akron and Portland, Ore., and had been promoted to program director before being picked by KQV for Pittsburgh audiences.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Today: Meet
Peggy Maddock
By Bessie Berry
Traffic Dir., KQV
   The question is often asked: "Is there a place for women to work at radio stations?"
   The answer is definitely "yes". For instance, at KQV, there are five of us, including Miss Peggy Maddock our receptionist, who has the nice job of greeting everyone who phones the station.
   If you've ever called KQV, you've found her to be cheerful and helpful.
   Peggy is from Donora, and is starting her third year on our staff.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Five Plus One
Equals Fabulous
By Sam Holman
Production Mgr., KQV
   There's only one radio station in Pittsburgh that boasts of owning the "Fabulous Five Plus One." Who are these fabulous five ... and who's the one ?
   The first of the fabulous five is the man who achieved Pittsburgh's number one rating in the late afternoon hours, and now begins the day as the 6 am to 9 am  D.J. Of course he's Dave Scott, Pittsburgh's newest "morning man."
   Then comes Handsome Henry DaBecco, on the air from 10 am to 1 pm, and again from 7 pm to 9 pm.
   No. 3 is newcomer Dick Drury, heard between 1 pm and 3 pm. Then, it's Larry Aiken in the 3 pm to 6:30 pm slot.
   Finally (in chronological order), No. 5 is Johnny McKinney who entertains you from 9 pm to midnight.
   That takes care of the fabulous five. Now, who's the "plus one"? He's the new all night man (midnight to 6 am), Byron B.Z. Zint. Where can you hear this all- star lineup? Everyday over KQV ... 1410 on your dial.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Today: Meet
B.Z. Zint
By Dick Drury
   It's no coincidence that two of Pittsburgh's newest disc jockeys came here from Evansville, Ind.
   Byron (B.Z.) Zint, KQV's new all- night DJ was attending Evansville College two years ago studying for a career in business. A friend of his in Evansville suggested that B.Z. had a fine radio voice, and convinced him to become an announcer.
   The friend's name is Larry Aiken who joined KQV a month ago and told the station about B.Z. After hearing an audition, management was convinced that the man they wanted.
   And so it is that one- third of the "Fabulous Five Plus One" at KQV is from Evansville, Ind.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Meet The
Money man
By Ed Tracey - Controller
   How many people work for a radio station? Most everybody thinks only of announcers they hear on air. But, for every one announcer, there are as many as five others behind the scenes.
   At KQV, we have 6 disc jockeys, but our total staff numbers 30.
   My job is heading the accounting department. You don't hear much about the accounting staff ... but I will say this: when pay day comes, the other fellows and girls consider me the most important man at the station and you can understand why.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Literally Thousands
By Bob Prince
   On a recent Saturday, a total of 5,126 people dialed EX. 1-3510 and took advantage of KQV's "Dial A Score" service which gives you all the scores anytime day or night.
   In fact, a friend of mine was telling me the other day that he never goes to bed without making three different calls. He calls the weather service, the time service, and "Dial A Score": then he goes to sleep with all the information he needs.
   The great thing about "Dial A Score" is you can call anytime you want and get all the scores and sports news. Just dial EX. 1-3510.