Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Today: Meet
An Operator
By Herman Schmidt
   Did you ever try to listen to more than one radio program at the same time? That's one of the toughest jobs for a radio control room operator.
   For instance, in the KQV control room, we sometimes have to monitor a network program, record a future announcement and listen to what's on the air, all at once. We listen to each one closely to make sure volume and other technical elements are correct.
   It can be hectic, but with constant practice, you can do it too. If you want good mental exercise, try doing it yourself sometime.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
Why Does KQV
Sound "Different" ?
By Art Sterman
Studio Supervisor
   When you flip your radio dial around, I'm sure you can tell immediately when you hit KQV because of our different sound.
   There are two main reasons why KQV sounds "different." One reason is technical which we'll tell you about next week.
   The other factor that gives KQV a more appealing and distinctive sound is our studio control: for instance, our automatic tape system gives us precision cueing, so that the split second and announcer finishes his last words, the next bit of voice or music comes right in.
   Close editing of recording and production like that gives KQV a fast moving and alive sound ...  and gives you bright and lively radio listening.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
How Many People
Write-In ?
By John Murphy
   Did you ever wonder how many people write in to a radio station when that station makes some kind of an offer?
   At KQV last month, we made two special offers. One consisted of free toys for Christmas and the other gave winners a free house payment or rent.
   How many letters did we get, just on of those two promotions? The total was 35,000! And those 35,000 letters an cards came from 18 Pennsylvania counties and six states, which proves that KQV's popularity is tremendous in Pittsburgh itself and stretches out far beyond the city.
   This confirms the surveys which show that KQV is a mighty selling force.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
The Man Behind
The "Wax-to-Watch"
By Walt Tyc
   It takes hundred of scripts to keep radio stations on the air .. and at KQV, we use even more scripts than other stations because of our additional promotional announcements.
   As Continuity Director, I provide the service of writing commercials for advertisers who don't have advertising agencies. And I write the announcements about our own station.
   Last week, we produce original scripts on the "wax to watch". the "No. 1 Song", "License Roulette", "Dial a Score", etc. We create these special productions to make your radio listening more interesting and enjoyable, and to make KQV more fun to listen to.
   And for advertisers, we offer professional help and try to make the commercials you hear both informative and entertaining.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
By Bob Thompson
Sales Manager, KQV
   Which radio station in Pittsburgh has the most adult listeners?
   Surveys show that KQV has the largest Pittsburgh audience ... and because we have the most listeners, we have the most adults, and the most every group.
   Our sales staff is equipped with these surveys and other information which shows audience composition.
   One of our most experienced salesmen, Bob Freker, has made a special analysis of radio audiences: he and the other men on the staff will be glad to go over these figures with any businessman in the area.
   Bob joined KQV 2 years ago after serving the radio industry and radio advertisers for many years in Pittsburgh.
Inside Pittsburgh Radio
By George Kleeb
Sr. Engineer
   One reason KQV sounds so alive and fresh is because our engineering staff is on the job 24 hours a day, continually adjusting and tuning all the technical equipment.
   Among the things we do is make adjustments necessary to keep noises and distortion out of our radio signal. Our dials and meters are constantly checked and re-tuned to insure you pleasant listening.
   Another phase of our work is maintenance of all the equipment. Our men work many nights after midnight to keep the complicated equipment in top shape.
   Our desire is to give you a signal which reaches the maximum of quality.
   Incidentally this will be our final "Inside Pittsburgh Radio" column. We hope you've enjoyed reading them these past three months, and we invite you to keep listening to KQV ... 1410 on your dial ... for Pittsburgh's most entertaining radio.