Jay Davis
Jay Davis is a classic case of local boy makes good.  Jay grew up in Western Pennsylvania and did what so many of us wanted to do. He got to work in his hometown at KQV.

Jay attended Point Park College in Pittsburgh. He made stops at WLOA in Braddock, WHJB in Greensburg as well as WPSL in Monroeville before coming to KQV.

"Jay the Jock" was also program director at KQV for a short time before KQV switched to All News. 

Jay was at KQV twice. 1968 - 1972 and 1974 - 1975

Jay also spent time at sister station WDVE as an account executive in 1975 after KQV made the move to all news. Jay was operations manager at WYDD during it's Y-104 days in 1972  Jay joined  WTAE-AM and WHTX-FM, later WVTY-FM as sales manager in 1979..

Jay passed away on April 16,1992 after a year-long battle with cancer. He was 47.
Thanks for the memories Jay.

Jay's family is looking for airchecks of his KQV days.  If you have any of Jay Davis on tape, please contact me.

Read former Pittsburgh Press TV Radio Editor Edward Blank's Personality Profile on Jay Davis

 Jay Davis in 1970
Bob Harvey, Yvonne Elliman,  Jay Davis
(courtesy of Bob Harvey)
Bob Wood, Jay Davis, Chuck Brinkman, Jim Quinn
(courtesy of Bob Wood)

Jay Davis Airchecks
December 1969
 Jay Davis Aircheck (1:14)
 Jay Davis 1968 Aircheck (6:26) 
 December 1968
 Jay Davis 1969 Aircheck (3:35)^
 * Jay Davis 1971 Aircheck (1:17)
 * Jay Davis 1970/71 Aircheck (1:48) 
 Late 1970/early 71 ?
Jay Davis Obituary, 
Pittsburgh Post Gazette 4/17/1992

Jay Davis Obituary
Jewish Chronicle, 4/23/1992