One of the keys to WTAE's success was the great personalities
that passed through the station's doors on Ardmore Boulevard.

 WTAE Personalities

Susie Barbour # Hank Baughman # Tom Bender *
Kevin Benson Keeve Berman * Don Berns *
Alan Boal # Jack Bogut # Chuck Brinkman *
Ed Busch Alexandria Chaklos   
Ray Coleman Bob Conrad  
Myron Cope * Bob Dearborn # Joe DeNardo *
Mike Farrow Dave Fentress Jack Fleming *
John Garry # Dick Groat # Jim Harrington
Bill Hillgrove Lynn Hinds * Eartha Jackson
Ron Jaye * Kathy Kerestes * Bob Kopler *
Sara Lockard Paul Long * Tom Lyons *
Mike McGann # Jay Mitchell # Larry O'Brien #
Bob Palmer Cary Pall Jim Quinn
Larry Richert Ron Rininger * Mark Roberts #
Johnny Sauers * Stan Savran Intrepid Scout
Jerry Shane Carolyn Smith # Neil Spence (Sky Puppy) #
Jon Summers Doug Sutherland Eric Tracy
Johnny Williams #  * - deceased # - retired
1250/WTAE ... Talk About Entertainment !
Mornings on WTAE . . .
From Captain Showbiz to Knucklehead and Pond Scum, Intrepid Scout to Mr. Wizard and Little Jimmy. These were just a few of the cast of characters created by the morning team of O'Brien and Garry. Larry O'Brien and John Garry weren't always together.  In the original WTAE lineup, Larry did mornings and John did afternoons. It was the brain storm of Captain Showbiz (General Manager) Ted Atkins and Program Director Mark Roberts (Son of Oaf) that paired the two in April of 1975 making Pittsburgh Radio history.  They have continued working together until just recently on Talkradio 1250 WTAE, the station that started it all for one of America's first , longest lasting and best morning teams.  You'll be able to hear some great moments of their past including the week on-air with Jack Bogut (Sr. Citizen's Audition Tapes) when the Bogut Breakfast Club was born in August of 1983 and their first morning on WTAE's FM Sister station, Hit Radio 96, WHTX.  The arrival of Jack Bogut at WTAE was a shock to most Pittsburgh radio listeners.  Who would have thought that after nearly 20 years Jack would leave KDKA and move to WTAE.  Captain Showbiz had struck again.  Bringing many of KDKA's listeners to WTAE and allowing O'Brien and Garry to help the new WHTX on FM.  Jack came to WTAE and also had his own TV show on WTAE-TV Channel 4.  Jack later moved on to WISH 99.7 FM.  (the author (Chris Lash) had the pleasure of working with Jack at WISH radio... He's a gentleman and is very gifted).  Jack has recently returned to radio and has also returned to the morning show at WJAS in Pittsburgh.
Afternoons on WTAE . . .
The string of legendary afternoon men at 1250/wtae was amazing!  John Garry replaced Bill Hillgrove in 1973 when Solid Gold TAE was born.  John held down the afternoon slot until he moved into the morning slot with Larry O'Brien in April of 1975.  Then moving to afternoons on The Big 1250 was former KHJ Los Angeles Boss Jock Johnny Williams.  Johnny remained in the afternoon drive position counting down the WTAE Hit Parade until February 1977.  Johnny currently lives in Hawaii and administers one of the best internet sites for radio on the web, 440 Satisfaction.  In these years the magic of WTAE was really beginning to spread all over the city as these great personalities lit up the airwaves. Bob Dearborn arrived in Pittsburgh  to carry on the tradition.  Bob was legendary during his stay at WCFL in Chicago.  After Bob Dearborn left Pittsburgh, he started up one of the first and most successful late night satellite programs, RKO's Night Time America.  At one point, NTA was carried on TAE overnights, bringing Bob back to the friendly city.  In the summer of 2007, Bob joined FM 98.5 CKWR in Waterloo, Ontario for morning drive.  Following Bob Dearborn was not an easy task, but Captain Showbiz again reached into his bag of tricks and brought in Don Berns.  Don's resume included in one of the most influential Top 40 stations in America, KLIF in Dallas.  Don spent many years as a freelance voice talent in Toronto. His clients included ESPN Classic Canada and The Hockey Network. He is also a techno DJ of some note under the name "Dr. Trance." He plays at clubs and parties all over Canada and in selected cities in the U.S. including Pittsburgh. In early 2003, Don became the station and promo voice for the new WWKB 1520 in Buffalo. Don  passed away of a heart attack on March 1, 2015. Former KQV Afternoon Personality Jon Summers also returned to Pittsburgh to spend time at WTAE. Jon is now a member of the AM Buffalo staff at WKBW-TV.  Larry Richert also anchored afternoons at WTAE.  Larry came to WTAE from WEEP and was the last Afternoon Personality during WTAE's music years.  Larry is now at crosstown rival KDKA radio where he replaced long time morning man John Cigna in January 2002.
Middays on WTAE . . .
One of Pittsburgh's most best known personalities was Chuck Brinkman.  Chuck came to WTAE after more than a dozen years at KQV.  When Chuck first came to The Big 1250, the station was still playing a Middle of the Road sound with a lot of Perry Como. You knew though, that with Chuck Brinkman on board, that a more contemporary Pop sound was on the way.  Chuck was known as Pittsburgh's Oldies Authority.  Chuck played almost all of the Oldies hits on WTAE when they first were on KQV's Finest Forty.  Chuck was the Program Director and Afternoon Drive Personality at KLUV-FM in Dallas for 17 years. Chuck can be heard afternoons on 14GVL in Greenville Texas. WTAE's strength was always the personalities.  One of the consummate talents on the station was WTAE's Program Coordinator Mark Roberts.  Mark came to WTAE from WIXZ in McKeesport after having worked at WIXY in Cleveland.  Mark held down the later part of middays on WTAE.  Mark was the glue that held WTAE together.  Mark's voice is still heard throughout the city on many of the area's best commercials through his work with his own production company Mark Roberts Associates. Jim Quinn is indeed a Pittsburgh legend. Jim came to Pittsburgh from Dayton Ohio.  Jim was the Wild Child of Pittsburgh radio with 2 stints at Top 40 KQV.  Jim also worked at WIBG in Philadelphia, WPIX in New York and WKBW in Buffalo.  Jim returned to Pittsburgh in 1975 to do mornings at 13Q (WKTQ).  Many of WTAE's traditional Midday games including What's Cooking were included in the Jim Quinn Show as well as Lunch Time at the Oldies.  Pittsburghers who grew up with the Mighty Quinn had a chance to relive great memories with Jim again at WTAE. Since leaving WTAE, Jim has remained in Pittsburgh, first at B-94 as part of the Quinn and Banana morning show, now as the host of his own talk program. In January 2004, Jim Quinn's show moved from WRRK-FM to Pittsburgh's new FM talk station 104.7 WPCB. Jim's show is also also syndicated on WHLO in Akron Oh, KYCR in Minneapolis Mn, WYTS in Columbus Oh, WHJJ in Providence RI, WKJK in Louisville Ky, WTKI and WDPI in Huntsville Al, WXZO, WEAV and WTSJ in Burlington Vt. among others. The show can also be heard on XM satellite radio Channel 165.  Another of WTAE's midday personalities was Jim Harrington.  Jim's resume includes KDKA and WCBS in New York.  Jim was most recently heard in the morning on WWVA.
Nights . . .
Evenings at WTAE were the home of Mike McGann.  Mike joined WTAE in 1973.  The smiling Irishman played Pittsburgh's favorite music for a couple of years before moving over to WXKX, 96 KX. Mike speny many years back in Pittsburgh as Operations Manager for Renda Broadcasting's WPTT and WJAS. He was also the afternoon host on WJAS.  Johnny Williams after moving from Afternoon's segued into nights on WTAE.  Eventually Jay Mitchell stepped into the night time from Pittsburgh's 3WS (WWSW). Jay spent a number of years at 3WS doing weekends.
Late Nights . . .
While Overnights are a wasteland at many radio stations, not so at WTAE. Tom Lyons was the first of WTAE's overnight jocks.  Tom also was a long-time Pittsburgh personality. Tom was a member of KQV's Fun-Lovin' Five for a couple of years in the sixties working as Tom Lee.  Johnny Williams also spent some time on the overnight shift before moving to Hawaii where he lives today. Susie Barbour formerly of 96 KX, WTAE's sister station also spent time as the late night hostess on WTAE.  Susie spent many years at KDKA. Susie is now Director of Marketing for Hefren Tillotson in Pittsburgh. Eventually the overnights were put on the bird with America Overnight with Ed Busch & Eric Tracy.  After RKO shutdown the show, Bob Dearborn returned to the WTAE airwaves with Night Time America.
Others . . .
Many other personalities also spent time in the Ardmore Boulevard studios including Mike Farrow, Cary Paul, Sara Lockard, Kevin Benson, Chris Night, Bob Conrad, Bob Palmer and even syndicated shows like America Overnight.  Sara Lockard is part of the morning show at WSHH in Pittsburgh.

20/20 News . . .
WTAE News included Pittsburgh radio legends too . . .
Ron Rininger, Gerry Shane, Bob Kopler, Ron Jaye, Alan Boal, Hank Baughman, Neil Spence, Eartha Jackson, Kathy Kerestes, and Dave Fentress and even Paul Long & Joe DeNardo.

 As recognizable as WTAE's air personalities were, so were the news people.  Alan Boal, long a part of Pittsburgh radio (including many years at KQV), anchored WTAE's news in the morning. Gerry Shane and Bob Kopler (also from KQV) handled afternoon news for many years. The late Ron Rininger, a Pittsburgh radio fixture handled WTAE's night time newscasts from 1973 until his death in 1983. Kathy Kerestes, also known as Mon-Valley Minnie and Newsette joined in on the fun with O'Brien and Garry. Neil Spence also joined WTAE from KQV.  After switching over from the 20/20 News format to news on the hour, WTAE also brought in Pittsburgh veteran Paul Long to handle the 5:00 news.  Paul, who passed away in July of 2002, was the dean of Pittsburgh news.  Joe DeNardo who has been in Pittsburgh television for decades owns and operates one of the most respected weather services in the nation.  DeNardo weather on WTAE radio and television is a Pittsburgh institution.  DeNardo's forecasters have been a part of WTAE since the beginning.

Alan Boal is now retired as is Ron Jaye.  Bob Kopler was part of the K-Team at KDKA for many years until retiring in 2007 and Hank Baughman who believe it or not was an overnight jock at KQV for a time (Hank Mann) is now at WSHH.

O'Brien & Garry # Chuck Brinkman * Bob Dearborn #
Bill Hillgrove
Johnny Williams #
Mark Roberts #
Joe DeNardo *
Jim Quinn
Stan Savran
Myron Cope * Tom Lyons * Don Berns *
Mike McGann # Cary Pall
(pictured at 13Q)
Ed Busch & Eric Tracy
Paul Long *
(pictured at WTAE-TV)
Susie Barbour #
(pictured at 96KX)
Jon Summers
(pictured at KQV)
Sara Lockard
(pictured at WSHH)
Hank Baughman #
(pictured at WSHH)
Larry Richert
(pictured at KDKA)
Bob Kopler *
(pictured at KDKA)
Ron Jaye *
Jack Bogut #
(pictured at WJAS)
Jack Fleming *
Kathy Kerestes *
(Mon Valley Minnie)
Jerry Shane
(pictured at KWMT)
Lynn Hinds *
Alan Boal #
(pictured at KQV)
Carolyn Smith #
Eartha Jackson
Ron Rininiger *
Keeve Berman *
(pictured at KQV)
Jay Mitchell #
(pictured at 3WS)
Neal Spence #
Sky Puppy
Ted Atkins *
Captain Showbiz
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