Jim Quinn
Jim Quinn 1968
Jim Quinn 1971
Jim Quinn was KQV's Leader.
If you listened to the radio in the 60's and early 70's in Pittsburgh, you listened to Big Jim Quinn.  Jim brought a change to Pittsburgh radio.  He was loud, and brash, and fun !  Jim came to KQV from Ohio. Jim spent time at WLYT-FM in Cleveland Heights Ohio, went to Conneaut, Ohio, and then to WING 1410 AM in Dayton, Ohio before coming to Pittsburgh. 

Jim was in Pittsburgh twice.  He arrived in Pittsburgh, August 30, 1967. In July of 1968, Jim left Pittsburgh for Philadelphia and WIBG. When Kris Stevens left KQV to head to sister station WLS in Chicago, it was time to bring our Leader back. On February 8, 1969, Jim Quinn came home to KQV.  Jim remained at KQV until 1973.

In 1973, Jim left for New York City where he was PD at WPLJ-FM, the ABC owned and operated FM in New York (formerly WABC-FM).  Then he did the 7-Midnight shift on WPIX-FM also in New York City before going to WKBW in Buffalo. 

Jim calls Pittsburgh home again today.  After a very successful stint in Buffalo, Jim again returned to the Steel City and 13Q (WKTQ).  Since then Jim has remained a fixture on the Pittsburgh radio scene, with WTAE-AM, B-94 (WBZZ-FM) and WRRK. In January of 2004, Jim moved to a new talk station in Pittsburgh, WPGB 104.7 FM. Jim and his partner Rose Somma Tennet were also heard on WWVA in Wheeling, W.Va. and WHLO in Akron, Ohio. Quinn's syndicated show on WPGB ended on November 15, 2013 when he was unable to reach a contract agreement with the station.
Jim can be heard now through his website, warroom.com  It is available for paid members.

Thanks to Fr. Thomas Acklin, O.S.B. at Saint Vincent Seminary for helping to update the information the Mighty Quinn. 

Jim Quinn Jingle Montage
Jim Quinn Personality Profile by Ed Blank

Jim in 1966
in Akron

Jim in 2004

Jim in 2004
Jim in 1968
Jim in 1969
Jim in 1969
Jim in 1972

 The ballot to brink back Quinn
Jim Quinn Airchecks
 Last Jim Quinn Show (part 1) (4:11) July 1968^
 Last Jim Quinn Show (part 2) (3:48) July 1968^
 Last Jim Quinn Show (part 3) (4:15) July 1968^
 Last Jim Quinn Show (part 4) (4:49) July 1968^
 Jim Quinn 1967 Aircheck (4:18)
 Jim Quinn 1968 Aircheck (1:54)^
 Jim Quinn 1968 Aircheck (3:33)^
 Jim Quinn & Fred (:09)^
 Jim Quinn Aircheck (:21)
*Jim Quinn 1971 Aircheck (5:48)
*Jim Quinn 1970/71 (1:52) Late 1970/early 71 (w/John Lloyd)
 Jim Quinn 1968 (12:40) John Rook Collection Uncle Ricky's ReelRadio
 Jim Quinn WIBG Aircheck (8:34) Quinn's final night at WIBG Feb 4, 1969 (mp3)
         courtesy of Kris Earl Phillps'  www.philaradio.com
 Jim Quinn 1969 Aircheck (23:14) Quinn's return from WIBG Feb 8, 1969 w/Bob Kopler
 Jim Quinn Aircheck from WING Akron (1:30)
 Jim Quinn 1971 Aircheck (4:19)^ May 17, 1971

Jim Quinn Article from TV Radio Mirror November 1969