Most of the great radio stations of the sixties used jingles from PAMS of Dallas to add that special sparkle to their presentations. KQV was no exception. From Series 18 to Series 43, KQV used some of the best PAMS Jingles ever recorded. COLORFUL KQV was 'The Most Modern Sound'.   FUN-LOVIN' KQV was 'One Of The Good Things About Pittsburgh'.  AUDIO 14 was 'The Sound Of Pittsburgh'. In the Steel City, Pittsburgh listened to RADIO A-GO-GO to hear the 'Fun-Lovin' Five'. The BIG 14 was the place to hear 'The Happenin' Hit Parade', 'The Finest Forty', and 'The Wax To Watch'.  14 KQV was 'Where The Good Times Rolled'.  GROOVY QV was 'The Pulse Of Pittsburgh'.  Some of KQV's unique sound  was also achieved by the ANITA KERR Singers who 'Turned Your Radio On'.  INTERMOUNTAIN provided some of 'Fabulous KQV's' early jingles, as did CRC who made KQV 'Radiant Radio', and ULLMAN all part of the sound of "Wonderful KQV'. KQV program director Mel Hall had jingles produced by Intercontinental Broadcast Media in 1961.

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The KQV Jingle Cart is Loaded
The On-Line KQV DJ Jingle Montage. Nearly 23 minutes of DJ Jingles. From the beginning with Chuck Dougherty to the very end with Jim Carnegie.
This is just a sample of the many jingles used on KQV. If you have a favorite KQV jingle you would like added to the website, please let me know.

Thanks to Norman Barrington for the KQV Jingles brlow from TM Productions from a small package called "Keyed Brass".  They are from the late 60's.  They never hit the airwaves, but were part of a jingle demo. Now you can hear them here !

 1. KQV TM Keyed Brass (all 7 cuts)
 2. KQV TM Keyed Brass KQV Radio Pittsburgh
 3. KQV TM Keyed Brass - KQV Radio 14 
 4. KQV PAMS Series 26 You're Swingin' High Fun Lovin KQV
 5. KQV PAMS Series 26 KQV Sneak Preview Fun Lovin KQV
 6. KQV PAMS 14K Custom Jingles
 7. KQV Anita Kerr Live News At 55
 8. KQV Anita Kerr KQV Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
 9. KQV Intermountain Here Comes Mr. Mel Colorful KQV
 10. KQV Intermountain Hey Mel Boy
 11. KQV PAMS 1972 Swirl
 12. KQV PAMS Drum In
 13. KQV PAMS 1972 Fife In
 14 .KQV PAMS 1972 Doink
 15, KQV PAMS 1972 Fuzz In
 16. KQV PAMS 1972 KQV Remembers 1 
 17, KQV PAMS 1972 KQV Remembers 2
 18. KQV PAMS Double KQV
 19. KQV PAMS Groovy QV (squeal)
 20. KQV PAMS Colorful KQV Hot Line Of Hits
 21, KQV PAMS KQV Kawasaks It To You
 22. KQV PAMS Who's Got The Beatles
 23. KQV PAMS KQV Plays 12 - Part 8
 24. KQV PAMS 1968 14 KQV Hit Parade Bound
 25. KQV PAMS 1968 14 KQV Hit Parade # 1 (1968)
 26. KQV PAMS 1969 Grid Steel CIty Weather 
 27. KQV PAMS 1970 Grid Steel City Weather 
 28. KQV PAMS 1968 14 KQV Weather Aca Pella 
 29. KQV PAMS Bridal Fair Jingle 14 KQV
 30. KQV PAMS 14 KQV Souvenir # 1 Yesteryear
 31. KQV PAMS 14K 14 Karat Gold - 1973
 32. KQV PAMS 1968 14 KQV Aca Pella 
 33. KQV PAMS Election Sounder (1969)
 34. KQV PAMS Custom 71 Evil Ways
 35. KQV PAMS 1969 14 KQV Hit Parade Bound 
 36. KQV PAMS 1969 Jim Your Leader Quinn 14 KQV
 37. KQV PAMS 1969 Grid 14 KQV Souvenir 1964 Was The Year
 38. KQV PAMS Series 27 Fun In The Sun Time Colorful KQV Audio 14
 39. KQV PAMS Fun Lovin KQV Music, Music, Music (sonovox)
 40. KQV PAMS Series 18 Contempo Cut C Radio KQV It's 14
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