The Joey Reynolds Era at KQV . . .

"In 1975, Joey Reynolds came up with a brand old idea, he gave Pittsburgh, the 
Taft !" (from 1975 "The History of Radio - From KQV To KQV") 

After ABC sold KQV to Taft Broadcasting Company, sweeping changes were made. There was much speculation as to whether KQV would retain it's Top 40 format or change to country- western or MOR (middle of the road).  KQV's new General Manager Bill Irwin told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's Win Fanning "Taft is an entertainment company and we plan to make KQV the most entertaining segment." Joey Reynolds was brought in as the new program director. Irwin called Reynolds title "Mastermind".  Reynolds said "There will be no playing music by the charts. Our 10 personalities will play all types of music - except classical of course - and will be free to make their own selections within broad guidelines set down by Gary Waight."  If a record makes it to the top of the charts, it will no longer be played on KQV.  Irwin said "We will avid the overplay which drives most listeners up the wall." Reynolds said "You won't be hearing much from ABC (news) as we plan to concentrate on local news and events. And there will be no regular newscasts, on a set schedule, nor will you hear a story more than once unless it is continuing to develop."
 Pittsburgh Post Gazette January 24, 1975
The KQV staff with Joey Reynolds...
  Bob DeCarlo
  Jay the Jock (Jay Davis)
  World Famous (Jerry Kristafer)
  Ron Hughes (formerly Bobby Mitchell & Ron Edwards)
  Don Kobiela
  Coal & Steel (George Hart & Joe Fenn)
  Ed Sherlock
  Billy Soule
  Hal Murray (returned after an 8 year absence)
  Marsha Kniceley 
  and others.....

Joey as he is today 
at WOR New York

Pittsburgh Post Gazette columnist Mike Kalina had this to say about the "new KQV"... For the last six months or so, most of Pittsburgh radio stations have been plodding along, directionless, like blind men in the desert. No one station was leading the pack.  But a new force in town could change that.  And that new force is a new KQV, and what's going on over there will not only have local impact, but also could have national impact.  The worst thing that ever happened to radio was the introduction of tight formats in which only proven hits are played over and over again . The public gets bombarded day after day with the same tired old tunes.  But at KQV, the format system has been thrown out - something unprecedented for a major market station - and you never know what's going to happen next.  As a result, listening to the station doesn't get monotonous after an hour or so.  Also between records, the deejays at KQV are getting to emerge as personalities rather than just record- changing robots.  There a number of surprises packaged into the new KQV, too, like comedy records produced by program director Joey Reynolds, which no other station can play because they're not on the market. (Already the other stations in town are getting requests for Reynold's "Ma Bell," a breezy satire on the telephone company).  The other am station execs in town are keeping a close ear on the crazy happenings at KQV. ... It's good to see a new KQV on the dial.  Things may never slip into "normalcy" again.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette January 29, 1975

First KQV purged the old format. They virtually blew up the old format.  On the death of radio, Frick & Frack (George & Joe) broke records on the air. Then for a number of days, nothing was said except for "KQV PLAYS TOO MUCH MUSIC" between nearly every song.  Every day the station had a different name.  From "Barrel Bottom Radio" (as in barrel bottom ratings) to "Volkswagen Radio" to "Channel 14" to "AM Radio" to "Normalcy Radio", it was something different and unique all the time.  News didn't happen on schedule.  Jocks were called by their first names. (Pittsburgh knows KQV on a first name basis).  Even the classic jingles were replaced by "Mingles", many of the songs played had sound a-like singers singing KQV or AM radio over the song intros.  From Mid January until early June, KQV was totally different than you ever heard it before. 

During the Joey Reynolds era, many new personalities joined holdover members of the previous team.  Although some of them changed names. Jay Davis became Jay The Jock. Bobby Mitchell became Ron Edwards then Ron Hughes before becoming just plain Ron. Casey Forbes became Marsha Kniceley. And George Hart joined Joe Fenn first as Frick & Frack then as Coal & Steel.  New to KQV were Don Kobiela, newsmen Walt Golden and Steve Lohl, all from Joey's former station 11-7 in New Jersey.

One of the most unusual personalities to ever hit Pittsburgh Radio was World Famous. Gerald Jeffrey Kristafer Jr. was different. Along with Peggy the Talking Time Telling Pig, World Famous' show was an assault on Pittsburgh's ears.  During the months he was at KQV, World Famous set a then world record for staying awake on the air while raising food for the Pittsburgh needy.  He also managed to antagonize both the NAACP and the NOW. The Humble Modest Honest Super Duper Star of Pittsburgh Radio was Lewd, Rude & Crude.  Especially during Gripe Line Time on the Phony Telephone.

Four months later, the Joey Reynolds experiment was over.  From Mike Kalina's column in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette ... When Joey Reynolds took over as program director early this year, he had fond hopes of turning the station into a dynamic force in town.  Reynolds got a lot of publicity and for a while media watchers were wondering if the station would, indeed, become a trend setter here.  It never happened.  Rather than becoming a force to contend with, KQV became just another spot on the dial with a format so slip-shod that the program directors at other stations couldn't believe what was happening at KQV.  Needless to say the Taft organization, which owns  KQV, has not been happy with the progress of the "new KQV," and has been cleaning house.  Taft executives have not only gotten rid of Joey Reynolds but also these men whom he brought with him: Jerry Kristofer (World Famous); music director Gary Waight; and deejay Steve Martin.  Also axed recently was Ed Tracy, controller, who was not part of the Reynolds organization (he had been with KQV about a decade or so).  Informed sources say that more firings are on the way.  We wonder if a new "new KQV' is on the way, too.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette May 28, 1975
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   From the Joey Reynold's Era at KQV!

KQV Plays Too Much Music
World Famous
World Famous (1st show beginning)
World Famous (Jingle + KQV Jumper + Peggy)
World Famous Aircheck 3/15/75
World Famous Wake-A-Thon pt.1 (w/ George Hart)  2/27/75
World Famous Wake-A-Thon pt.2 (w/ George Hart)  2/27/75
Station IDs
2001 KQV Mouth of Man ID
Taft - Only The Beginning ID
Taft - ID # 2
Joey Reynolds Songs & Jingles
Joey Reynolds Theme (Four Seasons)
Joey Reynolds - Joey The Philosopher
Joey Reynolds - Ma Bell You're Swell with "Don't Call Us" Mingle
KQV Mingle for Ringo Starr's "No No Song"
Shame Shame Shame - Continuous Loop Cart 
(was played up to 3 hours at a time)
Pothole Polka (by Don Kobiela) Stan Byormanski 
Intro by Jay Davis (written by KQV's Bob Bartolemeo)
Achiever's Broadcasting Company  (Junior Achievement Show) 3/30/75 
Wow!  I can't believe it.  I use to have all the old air checks from those days. This will be a real treat.  One of the things I remember most was how we use to break the station format.  Sometimes when we didn't like a particular song on the playlist, we would flip the single over and played the other side just for the heck of it.  Another time we did a take off on Coal & Steel announcing live from the March of Dimes Walkathon.  Neither Joey (Reynolds) or Bob (DeCarlo) ever complained about our antic's ... Bob Goldberg
Coal & Steel Aircheck #1 (George Hart & Joe Fenn) 4/7/75
Don Kobiela Aircheck 3/20/75
Hal Murray Aircheck
News Doesn't Happen On Schedule (Mark Schaefer)
The KQV News Theater (with Walt Golden) (2/27/75)
The KQV B.tch Box (open & close)
  Pittsburgh Knows KQV On A First Name Basis
Hi Don  (Don Kobiela)
Hi Sherlock (Ed Sherlock)
Hi There (generic)
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KQV Bumper Jumpers - 1975
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