12 Midnight to 6:00 A.M.
The graveyard shift! Like the man said, "It ain't easy." It takes a unique combination of talent and endurance to run an all night show from the witching hours to daylight. Most entertainers conside the shift a stepping stone to better things. When you find a "night people" as Jean Sheppard calls them - you have a gem.
Jim McLaughlin is dedicated to the task of bringing humor and wit to one of the largest and busiest all-night audiences in the country. McLaughlin's laugh is remarkably infectious. When he laughs - he will make you laugh. It's a witty group of make-believe helpers that Jim has with him. Take for example: Irving, the little guy who reads the barometer at sea level or Butch Bow Wow a dog of an engineer. And them, there's Three Fingers, who pushes the time button and goes "beep" and Mr. Earphone. Poor Mr. Earphone has never been heard on the show. He has a perpetual case of laryngitis. Yes, McLaughlin is funny. Ask any one of the professional entertainers on KQV - or any other Pittsburgh station. How large is the audience? We don't know. We do know that when Texaco bought the McLaughlin show they wanted proof of audience. We checked one week of Dial-A-Score calls between midnight and six o'clock in the morning. Twenty-five thousand registered calls had been motivated in one week by the persuasive words of Jolly Jim. We'll check any week you request. Ask Eastman.