Al Julius' commentaries were a staple of KQV News in the mid
1960's This is another in a series provided by WT Koltek.
Written and broadcast by Al Julius
April 18, 1966

For the second time in a matter of months our area has been the scene of the sighting of a U.F.O. ... For the uninitiated let me explain that that means, unidentified flying object ... And for a second time a lid of secrecy has been slammed down and sealed up any sort of official explanation as to exactly what was seen, and what attempts have been made to identify the unidentified ... Now let's face it, not every sighting of a U.F.O. is a hoax, and if these last few ones have indeed been hoaxes, then tell us and we'll all lean back and have a good laugh and congratulate the inventiveness of those who were able to create such a craft that would speed up and slow down and maneuver with such grace and dexterity ...  And you don't chase swamp gas for eighty-five miles down one of our state highways, or if it is swamp gas then tell us and next time all those deputy sheriffs and policemen won't spend an hour chasing swamp gas that stops, throws off a blinding bright light and then picks up speed again ... And a dozen police officers trained in non hysterical identification are not supposed to be subject to mass mirage seeing, or hypnosis or hallucinations, and if they are then tell us, and notify their superiors because we certainly don't want these police officers driving down a highway at eighty-five miles an hour and relaying back to headquarters a detailed description of an illusion ... The point is, say something, tell us ... If it's a military secret, then say so, and no reporter, no citizen will attempt to delve into an area that will endanger our national security, if it's a craft that belongs to an unfriendly nation then there may be something wrong with our defense system for they seem able to pierce it at will, and if it is true, that it is an object that defies identification, then admit that you cannot for the moment identify it, that for the time being it eludes our comprehension, but that you are working on the problem, that efforts are being made to figure it out and explain it, and when a satisfactory conclusion has been reached, no matter what the conclusion is, we will be told about it ... But by say nothing, by taking the opposite approach of sealing off all information and ordering suppression of any photographs that have been taken, by being silently negative they are forcing the unqualified layman to reach his own conclusion based on unscientific supposition ... And these suppositions know no bounds, recognize no limits and often achieve proportions that are worse than any facts that could have been released ... Worse than even that the simple statement of: We don't know, but we are trying to figure it out ... Not everyone is a nut, and not everyone is suffering from "Spring Saucerism" ... In the minds of many, science fiction is rapidly becoming fact, only because government men of science have chosen to remain silent and will not counter the fiction with a modicum of scientific fact ... 

This ... Is Al Julius