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Week of January 20, 1975
Mandy                                                                    Barry Manilow
Black Water                                                           Doobie Brothers
Lady                                                                        Styx
Best Of My Love                                                   Eagles
Laughter In The Rain                                            Neil Sedaka
Where Have They Gone                                        Skyliners
Angie Baby                                                             Helen Reddy
Ain't That Peculiar                                                 Diamond Reo
Lonely People                                                         America
Pick Up The Pieces                                                Average White Band
You're No Good                                                     Linda Ronstadt
Butterboy                                                                Fanny
Get Dancin'                                                            Disco-Tex & The Sex-O-Lettes
Doctor's Orders                                                     Carole Douglas
Some Kind Of Wonderful                                      Grand Funk
Sweet Surrender                                                    John Denver
Roll On Down The Highway                                  BTO
Isn't It Lonely Together                                        Stark & McBrien
Nightingale                                                             Carole King
Don't Call Us, We'll Call You                                Sugarloaf
Look In My Eyes                                                   Orlando & Dawn

New Records
Ding Dong, Ding Dong                                          George Harrison
Amie                                                                        Pure Praire League
W.O.L.D.                                                                Harry Chapin
Part Of The Plan                                                    Dan Fogelberg 
Dreamin'                                                                 Ronnie Wiggins
Lady Marmalade                                                    LaBelle
Lovin' You                                                               Minnie Riperton
You Are So Beautiful                                              Joe Cocker
Bonnie, Please Don't Go                                        Barry Richards
My Eyes Adored You                                             Frankie Valli
It's All Right                                                            Jim Capaldi
Can I Tell You                                                         Kansas
Morning Side Of The Mountain                             Donny & Marie Osmond
The Entertainer                                                       Billy Joel
Grey Seal                                                                 Elton John
Door To The Sun                                                     Al Martino
Poetry Man                                                              Phoebe Snow