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Week of January 28, 1975
Fire                                                                          Ohio Players
* Black Water                                                        Doobie Brothers
Mandy                                                                    Barry Manilow
Lady                                                                        Styx
* Best Of My Love                                                Eagles
Laughter In The Rain                                            Neil Sedaka
* Where Have They Gone                                     Skyliners
* You're No Good                                                   Linda Ronstadt
Doctor's Orders                                                      Carole Douglas
* Isn't It Lonely Together                                      Stark & McBrien
* Nightingale                                                           Carole King
Look In My Eyes                                                    Orlando & Dawn
* Don't Call Us                                                        Sugarloaf
* Ain't That Peculiar                                               Diamond Reo
* Lonely People                                                       America
* Pick Up The Pieces                                              Average White Band
* Butterboy                                                              Fanny
* Some Kind Of Wonderful                                     Grand Funk
* Roll On Down The Highway                                BTO
Ding Dong, Ding Dong                                           George Harrison
Amie                                                                        Pure Praire League
W.O.L.D.                                                                 Harry Chapin
Part Of The Plan                                                     Dan Fogelberg 
* Dreamin'                                                               Ronnie Wiggins
* Lady Marmalade                                                 LaBelle
* Lovin' You                                                            Minnie Riperton
* You Are So Beautiful                                           Joe Cocker
Bonnie, Please Don't Go                                        Barry Richards
Can I Tell You                                                         Kansas
My Eyes Adored You                                             Frankie Valli
It's All Right                                                            Jim Capaldi
To The Door Of The Sun                                        Al Martino
Poetry Man                                                              Phoebe Snow
* Ma Belle You're Swell                                         Joey Reynolds

New Records
* Rock & Roll                                                          Mac Davis
Dirty                                                                         Guess Who
* No No Song                                                           Ringo Starr
Wanna Be Where You Are                                     Zulema
* Love Corporation                                                  Hues Corporation
* Have You Ever Been Mellow                              Olivia Newton John
* Snookeroo                                                              Ringo Starr
I Fought The Law                                                     Sam Neely
Struttin'                                                                     Billy Preston
Let Me Be Your Car                                                Rod Stewart
* Star On TV Show                                                   Stylistics
* You Can Make Me Dance                                    Rod Stewart / Faces
Shaving Cream                                                          Benny Bell
Your Breakin' My Heart                                          Nilsson
I'm A Woman                                                            Maria Muldar
I'm Gonna Make You Feel It                                   Styx
All I Want Is You                                                      Roxy Music
You're No A Bad Ghost                                           Melanie
No Love In The Room                                              5th Dimension
Movin' On                                                                 Bad Company
Up In Puff Of Smoke                                                 Polly Brown
Spider Jiving                                                             Andy Fairweather
Love Don't Go                                                           Sister Sledge
I Belong To You                                                        Love Unlimited
Another Done Somebody Wrong                             B.J. Thomas
Feel The Need                                                          Graham Central Station