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Week of February 18, 1975
* My Eyes Adored You                                            Frankie Valli
* Best Of My Love                                                  Eagles
* Where Have They Gone                                       Skyliners
* You're No Good                                                     Linda Ronstadt
* Isn't It Lonely Together                                        Stark & McBrien
* No Love In The Room                                           5th Dimension
* Don't Call Us                                                          Sugarloaf
* Have You Never Been Mellow                             Olivia Newton John
Two Plus Two                                                            Jaggerz
* Pick Up The Pieces                                                Average White Band
* Butterboy                                                               Fanny
* Some Kind Of Wonderful                                      Grand Funk
* Roll On Down The Highway                                  BTO
Dreamin'                                                                    Ronnie Wiggins
* Lady Marmalade                                                   LaBelle
* Loving You                                                             Minnie Riperton
* You Are So Beautiful                                             Joe Cocker
* No No Song                                                            Ringo Starr
Harry Truman                                                            Chicago
* Up In A Puff Of Smoke                                          Polly Brown
Movin' On                                                                  Bad Co.
I Wanna Learn A Love Song                                    Harry Chapin
* Look In My Eyes                                                   Orlando & Dawn
* Ding Dong                                                               George Harrison
Can't Get It Out Of My Head                                   ELO
Long Tall Glasses                                                      Leo Sayer
Poetry Man                                                                Phoebe Snow
Supernatural Thing                                                    Ben E. King
Part Of The Plan                                                        Dan Fogelberg
Love Corporation                                                       Hues Corporation
One Beautiful Day                                                     Ecstacy, Passion & Pain
* Snookeroo                                                               Ringo Starr
I Fought The Law                                                       Sam Neely
Star On A TV Show                                                    Stylistics
You Can Make Me Dancer                                       Rod Stewart / Faces
* I'm A Woman                                                           Maria Muldaur
You're Not A Bad Ghost                                            Melanie
I Hear Those Church Bells Ringing                          Shirley
I Belong To You                                                         Love Unlimited
Another Done........                                                     B.J. Thomas
Runaway                                                                     Charlie Kulis
Love Don't Go Thru No Changes                             Sister Sledge
Express                                                                       B.T. Express
I Could Have Loved You So Well                             Skyliners
Sally G                                                                        Paul McCartney
Magic                                                                         Pilot
Bump Me Baby                                                         Dooley Silverspoon


Some One Take My Heart Away                             Edgar Winter Group

One Man Band                                                           Leo Sayer

I'll Be Okay In The Morning                                     Jaggerz

Gotta Find My Way Back Home                               Jaggerz

Shame                                                                           Jaggerz