Bob Kopler

Bob Kopler came to KQV News on December 8, 1966 from Johnstown, where he worked at WJAC from 1961 to his most recent assignment at WARO. In addition to manning the KQV Newsroom during the Jim Quinn show, Bob hosted the Controversy talk show from February until April 1968. Bob left KQV and became operations manager of WYDD-FM in Pittsburgh and WKPA in New Kenzington in December 1969.

Bob had one of the longest radio news careers in Pittsburgh that included KQV,WIXZ, WJAS, WYDD, WKPA, WTAE, WWSW and KDKA. He also spent time at KDKA-TV as a TV Weather man. Bob retired from KDKA Radio on December 28, 2007 after 19 years. Bob Kopler, a former member of the US Marine Corps, spent more than 40 years reporting the news in Pittsburgh.

Bob passed away on December 10, 2019.