Jim Carnegie was program director at KQV when Rush Limbaugh was let go at the station. Jim Carnegie was kind enough to speak to the KQV Website in June 2014, regarding the circumstances of the firing,

"I was the last PD of KQV in 1974 under the ABC O&O ownership. KQV was in the process of being sold to the old Taft Broadcasting. The GM of KQV was John Gibbs. My job was to hopefully turn around then 14K back to what people in the Steel City knew- '14KQV'. 

Now the media world has put Rush Limbaugh (aka: Jeff Christie) on this high pedestal thinking he is a commentator - hell he's has been quoted and feared by the far left for years. But in short if you ever pay attention to what Rush says about himself "I love Radio and I'm just an entertainer" which is true. 

Rush was doing 7 pm to 12 midnight at KQV. Truly he DID NOT have the voice/tubes to be a Top 40 jock but his wit was there. 

Unfortunately John Gibbs found Rush irritating and the 1 thing Gibbs despised when Rush would say "WELL THEREFORE" . . .  Drove Gibbs insane. 

After months of Gibbs wanting me to fire Rush and me protesting Gibbs one day used his authority telling me "Fire Jeff Christie or I'll Fire him and then I'm going to Fire you" As a young PD I did what Gibbs wanted and replaced Rush/Christie with Jay Davis. 

This firing of Rush/Christie bothered me so I spoke with my mentor Bob DeCarlo on this issue and Bob gave me this advice which pointed me in the direction of how I would conduct myself and career.

DeCarlo said "What is done is done but if you don't go back, face Gibbs and in short tell him to stay out of your radio station and what he demanded plus threaten was wrong then you Jim Carnegie will have to roll over to any GM for the rest of your career."

In short Bob stated: 'Time to Grow some Balls real Fast.!" - So I did - went to Gibbs' office stood in front of his desk and in short told him to stay out of my Radio Station's first floor of the Chamber of Commerce Building or I'll toss his sorry ass out of the window. Then I proceeded in forcing Gibbs to call ABC programming head Rick Sklar and I stated the same to Sklar as I did Gibbs. Sklar told Gibbs to stay out of my hair and leave the programming only. 

Sklar also reminded Gibbs the station was going through the sale so don't 'F' with the station. 

So Rush was OUT of WORK, could not even get an non rated market on-air job just because first he did not have the voice/tubes and many did not want to take the time to understand his wit. I understood him, his mind and wit. He was an 'Entertainer' not an online card liner reader.

Taft Broadcasting took over KQV on Dec 17,1974 and I knew I was going to be replaced by Joey Reynolds because I read it in R&R. On New Years Eve Dec 31, 1974 I went to new GM Bill Irwin wished him a happy New Year and his reply was "You" (Jim Carnegie) are fired - leave now. 

I did. But it didn't bother me because I was told by Sklar and Chuck DeBear I would give another PD slot in the ABC chain just call them after the first of the new year. Well months went by and guess what no job. So I too was on the street but my friend and former PD Mel Phillips then at CBS records recommended me for the PD gig at KUDL AM & FM in Kansas City. I took the gig and when I got there I needed to rebuild the stations and needed a mid-day 10 am - 3 pm talent. 

Bob DeCarlo recommended Jeff Christie to me. And I said yep he's they guy thanked Bob and made the call to Rush/Christie and offered him $17K and he packed up his Buick Riviera and was there the next day. 

Even remember when I called Rush his mother answered the phone and she called out for him she said "RUSTY you have a Call about a JOB". So the rest is history. 

Key factor is Rush Limbaugh may have NEVER re-entered the Radio Biz if people like Bob DeCarlo didn't remember him and I for bringing him back into radio which he loves and he states. DeCarlo also posted on the 14KQV site the same in which DeCarlo wrote to the affect: "If Rush owes his career to anyone it is Jim Carnegie."

During the early years in the mid 1980's when Ed McLaughlin put Rush on the map: (http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2008/08/01/ed_mclaughlin_founder_of_eib )
I remember those days because RBR/Radio Business Report was then a sound respected media business publication. And many of the affiliates Ed was getting Rush on would give me a call since a few new that Rush/Jeff Christie work with me at KQV and KUDL. They would ask my observation in which I would reply: "The guy (Rush) can do the job and it will bring a light on your station because Talk Radio is needed to help SAVE AM Radio - and I would also state that Rush is 1 of a kind and you have Nothing to Lose except 2 hours a day. So - JUST Do It, put him on.

Sad part of this long story is Rush Limbaugh on the surface or face value seems to have forgotten those who have helped him to get where he is today. One always should give a little back which today in radio doesn't happen. Which this is one reason of many radio is in the saddest shape of its life. 

Rush yep he is on the high platform just a shame he has forgotten the key people that helped along the way to get there. 

Me I'm now semi retired have never forgotten my friends that have helped me and mentored me. It all showed when I founded RBR/Radio Business Report which I published for 30 years. 

So to all don't forget - remember - and as for RUSH - 'Hey I remember and you are WELCOME. - FYI I'm still waiting for my agent commission check.

JIM Carnegie (former 14KQV/PD and Founder/Publisher-Editor of Radio Business Report/RBR and Television Business Report/TVBR.)