How did some of your favorite KQV personalities get their air names?
Dex Allen "Arriving at KQV in Feb '64, PD Jonh Rook wanted me the play the role of a Southern California rich kid doing all nights from a Penthouse overlooking the 3 rivers. He says sais we'll call you Dexter Killbride. I was using the air name of Bill Allen, so we split the difference and I became Dexter Allen. Later shortened to Dex."
Bob DeCarlo "A GM in Providence actually wanted to name me 'Chick Holliday!' Cooler heads prevailed. They finally decided to keep the Bob, but instead of Zamboni, Bill Musser of Susquehanna thought DeCarlo sounded fairly Italian, which half of Rhode Island's population was at the time. The idiots didn't get the connection between Zamboni and our call letters, WICE. I could have been 'The Iceman.'"
Franklin B Forbes There were actually 2 Franklin B. Forbes on the air on KQV. The first was was John Terry from WBBW in Youngstown. After only a couple of weeks, John left KQV and returned to Ohio.
KQV program director John Borders had to replace his overnight personality and he heard a young announcer at WVAM in Altoona using the name Tom Foolery. Tom Foolery had actually worked with John Terry 10 years earlier in Youngstown. Borders called him, and soon after Tom Foolery became Franklin B. Forbes and took over the all-nite show a short time later in April of 1968. (Jeff Roteman)
The second Franklin B. Forbes/Tom Foolery was Bob "Alexander" Klepic who went on to pilot WKBO in Harrisburg from last place to #1 inside a year. (from Dave Ratcliffe)
Marsha Kniceley "Jim Carnegie gave me the name Kasey Forbes because he wanted a name that would relate to listeners and no one would believe that Marsha Kniceley is my real name."
Tom Lee Tom's wife Cathy says "Tom ued his first and middle name at KQV, but when went to WTAE was asked to change to Tom Lyons so listeners would not know he was the same person."
Perry Marshall Perry Marshall used to tell the story that he was assigned that name because WEEP had purchased a jingle package that included it. He later legally changed his name. He was originally Sheldon Lewis, and had worked on the air as Roy Silver. 
(from John Mehno)