Jim Carnegie
Jim Carnegie joined KQV for weekends in 1972. Jim was born an raised in Western Pennsylvania, and graduated from Norwin High School in 1967. He was hired at KQV by Bob Harper. Jim moved up the ranks as Music Director, and by the time he left KQV, Jim was KQV's Program Director. He was appointed Program Director on August 14, 1974, replacing Mel Phillips. Jim left KQV on December 31, 1974. Jim Carnegie was the final Program Director under ABC's ownership.
Bob DeCarlo
Jay Davis
Larry Clark
Bobby Mitchell
George Hart
Casey Forbes
During Jim's time as PD, his full-time air staff included, Bob DeCarlo, Jay Davis, Bobby Mitchell, Larry Clark, George Hart and Casey Forbes.

Jim became Program Director of KQV at a time when the 14K image was dropped and KQV was re-born. A new slogan was heard "14 KQV, Where the Good Times Roll." Previously aired KQV Pams grid jingles, many from the Mike McCormick era, were put back on the air. A new jingle package "Big D" was purchased in September 1974 from Tanner's Thunder Productions. ID's featured "The Best Music on KQV Pittsburgh". Another highlight of this era was the return of Turkeyman featuring the voice of Bob Harvey.

One of the toughest things Jim had to do during his tenure was to remove nighttime personality Jeff Christie. The edict came from KQV's General Manager John Gibbs. Jim would later rehire Jeff Christie in Kansas City at KUDL. Of course Jeff Christie is known today by his real name of Rush Limbaugh.

Jim Carnegie on the air on KQV
 Jim Carnegie Aircheck January 1974
 Jim Carnegie Aircheck October 3, 1973

Jim, was the President/CEO & Publisher of two daily national / international media business E-newspaper publications and monthly magazines which concentrates on the news, business, of radio and television. Radio Business Report and Television Business Report. Among the executives in all phases of media and finance that depend on the information daily the publications on known by their call letters: RBR and TVBR. Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, Jim prefered the sunshine of Tampa, FL. After selling RBR and TVBR in 2013, Jim retired to his Florida home.

Jim passed away off natural causes on July 25, 2016. His obituary from Inside Radio.Com can be found here.