Jim McLaughlin
12 AM - 6 AM

Jolly Jim McLaughlin joined KQV in 1958 as the host of the All Night Satellite. Jim left for the US Army in late 1959. He returned to KQV in July, 1961. He was born in raised in Overbrook and attended St. Joseph High School. He started his radio career at WAPF in McComb, Mississippi. He was brought to KQV from station WRTA in Altoona. Jim left KQV in 1964 and went to WPOP in Hartford, Connecticut where he worked middays. In 1965 Jim went on to WNHC in New Haven where he remained for 10 years before moving on to the advertising field. After leaving radio, Jim founded and was a partner at  McLaughlin, DelVecchio & Casey Advertising, in New Haven. He was there from 1972 until he retired in 2006. Jim served as a first selectman in Durham, Ct in the 2000's. 

 Jim McLaughlin Airchecks
 Jim McLaughlin Aircheck 1960 Jim's last night before the army
 Jim McLaughlin Aircheck October 10, 1960 pt 1
 Jim McLaughlin Aircheck October 10, 1960 pt 2