Kris joined KQV in the fall of 1968. Born in MIlwaukee, Kris graduated high school in Ishpeming, Wisconsin and got his first radio job at WJPD in Ishpeming in May 1962. In 1963 he moved on to Gary Indiana and WLTH. In 1966 it was off to the legendary KOIL in Omaha where he did midday and was music director. Kris was known as Johnny Mitchell while was part of the KOIL staff. The KOIL staff over the years also included fellow KQV jocks, Fred Winston, Gary Gears, Sam Holman, Bob Wilson, and program director Mike McCormick. Kris left KQV for WLS in February 1969 when Jim Quinn returned to Pittsburgh. Kris's other career radio stops include CKLW in Winsdor, WQXI in Atlanta, WCFL in Chicago, and KIIS in Los Angeles.

Kris in KQV studio - Fall 1968
Kris discussed his short time at KQV with Inside Radio in the December 22, 2008 edition. If you haven't read it, it is reprinted here.
"I just idolized [WLS/Chicago] and would do anything I could to emulate it"' states Stevens who grew up listening to the contemporary hit powerhouse. "My goal in life was to get to WLS."
One of his friends, Lyle Dean, made it to "The Big 89" and Stevens stopped in for a visit. Engrossed in conversation with his chum, Stevens inadvertently snubbed WLS PD John Rook. "I didn't mean to but I didn't expect him to be so young," Stevens comments in his defense. "I was about 21 at the time. Lyle told me I blew it so I went in and apologized. I told {Rook} I was going to KQV / Pittsburgh."
Four months later, Stevens returned to The Windy City - on WLS. "It was probably from meeting [Rook] and he had a chance to become aware of my talent."

Today Kris owns Kris Stevens Enterprises. His work is heard all over the world. His Christmas programs, including "Christmas In The Air", "The Magic Of Christmas", The 12 Hours Of Christmas", and "Christmas In The Country" are award winners. His is the station voice of many TV and Radio stations across the country.!

Kris Stevens at KQV
Kris Erik Stevens at WLS
Kris Stevens at KQV
Kris at CKLW
Kris & Chuck Buell at WLS
Kris in 2010

Kris was featured in the Cruisin' 1970 recreation. Click above for more information.
Kris Erik Stevens Airchecks
 Kris Erik Stevens Aircheck (8:02) ^
 December 31, 1968
Top 114 of 1968
 Kris Erik Stevens Aircheck (3:28)
 January 1, 1969 
Top 114 of 1968
 Kris Erik Stevens Aircheck (7:33)^
 February 8, 1969
The Return of Jim Quinn
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