Larry Clark
Larry at KQV
Larry Clark had one of the best voices of all of the KQV personalities. He also had the unusual distinction of having been on the KQV airstaff 2 different time. He was hired originally by pd Bob Haper from WSAI-AM in Cincinnatti and joined KQV for 10 pm - 2 am on December 8, 1972 replacing Jay Davis. He left KQV January 20, 1973, and was replaced by Timothy G. Adams. He was rehired, coming back from WHK-AM in Cleveland, Ohio. and joined KQV on September 20, 1973 for 2 - 6 pm replacing his friend Jon Summers then moved to 10 - 3 pm on March 27, 1974. He left again February 4, 1975 when he went to WEEP-AM in Pittsburgh. Larry later spent time at WMZQ in Washington D.C. His career also included stops in Columbus Ohio, Baltmore Md as well.

Larry was included in the second series of Turkeyman as the announcer replacing Bob Wilson from the first series. He later left radio and ran a dry cleaning business in San Francisco. He passed away December 9, 2006 at the age of 62.The complete details are available at this link

Larry in the KQV Studio

Larry with Jon Summers
Larry Clark Airchecks
 Larry Clark 1973 Aircheck - Pt 1 (10:43) 
 Larry Clark 1973 Aircheck - Pt 2 (12:04)
 Larry Clark 1974 Aircheck - (2:31)
 Larry Clark 1973 Aircheck - (2:57) 
 September 1973 
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