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"Just finished reading about your site.  Just wondering if you remember, or have any info about a TV special that KQV radio did (I think) in the summer of 1970.  It was called (I think) the "Midnight Summer Put On" ?????  I have vague memories of watching it on TV with my friends that summer night in 1970, as we all listened to KQV religiously.  I also remember, while in high school (early 70's) visiting the window outside the station on the night before the first football game of the year, to harass the DJ and generally make fools of ourselves.  The DJ would eventually come outside (Jim Quinn) and talk to us later.  It obviously made an impression to remember it 35 years later.

Thanks for your time,
... Glenn Davis (8/03/06)

"I listened to KQV all during my childhood thru teen years on a 5 transistor radio after I outgrew my Remco Tiny Tim Crystal radio, and I was in awe when on occasion my parents would take me to the corner of "walk & don't walk" to view the live on air Disc jockey in one area and the
electronic gizmos with lights on the side area -thru the large viewing window. I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Scott at a battle of bands our rock group played in, I believe it was in Wilmerding circa 1967. Great memories - Thanks for keeping them alive.
... Ron Mocadlo (5/21/06)

"Geez, it's been a while since I worked with Larry, Perry, Bob, Anderson, and Rush..err Jeff Christie, 1973.  It also has been a while since I talked to Ed Saloman, who was working for Dick Clark out in Ventura.  When I left KQV, I went to WJJD in Chicago for a short time and then went back to Pittsburgh and worked with Ed Saloman at WEEP.  Spent some time in Pensacola, then returned to my home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Worked for (W)klq, EZ 105.7, and WMUS on the lakeshore.  I have been out of the business altogether for about 4 years.  I own assisted living and adult foster care homes and do that now.  I still would like to be on the air at times, but I am too smooth in today's radio, working for the likes of "Pig Vomit" program directors learning to say just right "wNNNbc" like Stearn.  I really did love Pittsburgh, and miss it.
... Timothy G Adams (5/10/06)

"Hi. I enjoyed listening to KQV in the 60's. When I saw the KQV website it brought back a memory that I will never forget. It was Nov 1968 and I had just been in Vietnam for three weeks.  The Army sent too many Military Intelligence Coordinators over and they were trying to figure out what they were going to do with our group. This caused me to remain in the "repo-depot" for a longer than normal stay. One night while I was laying in my bunk trying to figure out the sounds of incoming and outgoing fire I turned on my transistor radio that I had brought with me. When I found a station to listen to I heard a weather report from KQV and they also mentioned something about the Christmas season. Boy did I get homesick after hearing that. I guess one of the DJ's from that military radio station somehow got a tape from back home and was playing it on the air. 
... Tom Zangla,  Greensburg, Pa. (2/20/06)

"Wow, how your KQV website has grown.  I checked it out recently and it's never looked better.  Keep up the good work Jeff."
... Mel Phillips (1/12/06)

"I visit your website often because of my love of classic radio, in particular KQV.  I have even purchased several cd airchecks from featuring Todd Chase and Porky Chedwick.  Anyway, I was going through your "where are they now" section and I wanted to inform you that I have located one of the former KQV jocks.  As  public address announcer for the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, I not only have the opportunity to announce for all UPJ sporting events but for high school basketball games at the SportsCenter as well.  It so happens that the "music of your life" station in Johnstown, Pa, WCRO-AM is the official voice of Johnstown High School Athletics, and during a game I happen to meet one of the broadcast crew which was Ed Sherlock who mentioned that he came to WCRO from WBXQ in Altoona. (I put two and two together from the info I read onyour site)
     Just thought I would pass that information on to you....which you may already be aware of.  After listening to the Hal Murray, Dave Scott, Jim Quinn and Todd Chase airchecks over....and over on's almost unbelievable to me that I actually met a KQV jock and at the time
I didn't even know or realize it.
     This gave me a chance as wll to let you know how much I enjoy your website and to thank you for keeping history such as this alive for us who may have just missed it.  Just to let you know, I will definitely be ordering the KQV mousepad and t-shirt.
... Mike Sotosky, Davidsville, Pa (12/16/05)

"i was doing a bit of online surfing about Quinn and found your "history of radio personalities" page which mentioned Jim and gave a bit of background. I'm a semi-transplanted Pittsburgher--(I work in Falls Church, VA for the Defense Department, but my wife & kids are still in Pittsburgh)--who grew up listening to Quinn, first on KQV and then the other stations years later.
After the debacle at WBZZ, I didn't know where he went until one day in 1992 on the way to work in Bethel Park, I flipped through the radio dial and heard a familiar voice.  It was Quinn!  I only heard about 5 minutes of the show (it only took me 10 minutes to drive to work from Mt.Lebanon) but I was hooked.  I've been listening ever since, even after I started working in DC in 1998.  The audio archives are a wonderful thing!
... William McGrane (11/23/05)
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