How much do you know about KQV ?  Take this KQV quiz and test your knowledge. All of the answers can be found on the KQV Web Site.
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1 What was the original call sign for KQV when it first signed on in 1919?
1.) 9XM   2.) 8XK   3.) 8ZAE   4.) 3XJ
2 Only one member of the KQV airstaff was part of the Fabulous Five plus One, The Fun-Lovin' Five and the KQV-IPs. Who was it?
1.) Dave Scott   2.) Chuck Brinkman   3.) Larry Aiken   4.) Hal Murray
3 What was Turkeyman's secret identity?
1.) Franklin B Forbes   2.) Daddy Dewdrop   3.) Dexter Freebish   4.) Brice Lovely
4 What was the name of KQV's mobile studio?
1.) KQVehicle   2.) Mobile Unit 7   3.) KQV's Rainbow Machine  4.) Skybus 
5 Which KQV-IP was known as "Your Leader"?
2.) Anderson Little   2.) Jay Davis   3.) Jeff Christie   4.) Jim Quinn
6 Which long-time member of the KQV staff started in 1942, long before KQV ever played top 40 music?
1.) Rod Roddy   2.) Roy Elwell   3.) Dave Scott   4.) Mel Hall
7 When you called 333-9333. What KQV service did you get hooked up to?
1.) KQV Weather Scope   2.) KQV Dial A Score   3.) KQV Pulse Beat News   4.) KQV Hi-Fi Club
8 When KQV's Vice President & General Manager John Gibbs delivered an editorial, what was it called?
1.) KQV's Counterpoint   2.) KQV's Opinion   3.) KQV's Advice   4.) KQV's Viewpoint
9 Which KQV Newscaster was famous for the long pause at the end of his newscast?
1.) Al Julius   2.) Mark Shaffer  3.) Keeve Berman   4.) Ken Hildebrand
10 Which KQV personality had a sidekick known as Peggy the Talking, Time Telling, Pig?
1.) Timothy G Adams   2.) Chuck Dougherty   3.) World Famous   4.) Steve Rizen
11 Who was the voice of Turkeyman?
1.) Jim Carnegie   2.) Bob Harvey   3.) Fred Winston   4.) Bob DeCarlo
12 Which KQV-IP once served in the gubernatorial race of Rhode Island Governor Chaffee?
1.) Bob E. Harper   2.) Bob Wilson   3.) Bob DeCarlo   4.) Bobby Mitchell
13 Which member of the Fun-Lovin Five was famous for wearing an Emporer's Robe?
1.) Hal Murray   2.) Dave Scott   3.) Tom Lee   4.) Chuck Brinkman
14 In 1970, the KQV Hit Parade featured pictures of the KQV-IPS in the style of this famous artist. Who was it?
1.) Rembrandt   2.)  Peter Max   3.) Andy Warhol   4.) Hubert Waldroup
15 What was the name of the WIIC-TV 11 show that Chuck Brinkman hosted from 1966 - 1967?
1.) Give It A Whirl   2.) Truck O Luck   3.) Counterpoint   4.) Come Alive
16 Which former KQV personality is best known for being the announcer on The Price Is Right?
1.) Henry DaBecco   2.) Rod Roddy   3.) Lee Vogel   4.) Don Shafer
17 Which KQV personality came to KQV after being a talk show host? He later returned to talk at KDKA where he finished his career.
1.) George Hart   2.) Gary Gears   3.) Perry Marshall   4.) Larry Clark
18 What names did George Hart and Joe Fenn use on KQV during the Joey Reynolds era of KQV?
1.) Hart and Soule   2.) Frick and Frack   3.)  Flo and Eddie   4.) Coal and Steel
19 What name did Jim Quinn use during his brief stop at WIBG in Philadelphia before returning to KQV?
1.) Happy Jack   2.) Quinn the Eskimo   3.) The Woodburger   4.) Anderson Little
20 What Pittsburgh legend worked part time at KQV in the early 1970's?
1.) Mad Mike   2.) Clark Race   3.) Porky Chedwick   4.) Terry Lee
21 Who was the KQV traffic reporter in the KQV Traffic Copter?
1.) Ace Pilot   2.) Neal Spence   3.) Captain Bob Harvey   4.) Bill Jennings
22 Where were the KQV Showcase Studios located?
1.) 7th and Smithfield   2.) Corner of Walk and Don't Walk   3.) Chamber of Commerce Building   4.) 411 7th Avenue
23 On January 1, 1968 KQV became a part of what news network?
1.) American Contemporary   2) NBC News & Information Service   3) Mutual   4) The Blue Network
24 In 1970, who had the keys to the KQV Dodge Super Bee?
1.) Andy Griffith   2.) Jack Webb   3.) Dionne Warwick   4.) Herb Alpert
25 Which member of KQV's Fun-Lovin Five was famous for wearing a cowboy hat?
1.) Gary Gears   2.) Tom Lee   3.) Steve Rizen   4.) Jeff Christie
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