How much do you know about KQV ?  Take this KQV quiz and test your knowledge. All of the answers can be found on the KQV Web Site. 
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1 In 1969, KQV's Jim Quinn, Chuck Brinkman and analyst Dan Kelley hosted a program about the death of a famous musician. Who was it?
1.) Paul McCartney   2.) Ringo Starr   3.) John Lennon   4.) George Harrison
2 This political leader was part of the Bob DeCarlo show in 1975 Who was it?
1.) Mayor Joseph Barr   2.) Governor David Lawrence   3.) Mayor Pet Flaherty  4.) Mayor Richard Caliguiri
3 This concert promoter borrowed money from his parents to present the Beatles at the Civic Arena on September 14, 1964. Who was it?
1.) Chuck Brinkman  2.) Pie Traynore   3.) Sid Bernstein   4.) Pat DiCesare
4 In May of 1964, this singer co-hosted the Dave Scott show from in front of the McCrory's store on East Ohio Street. Who was it?
1.) Bobby Vinton   2.) Bobby Vee   3.) Bobby Rydell  4.) Bobby Sherman
5 Which KQV personality left radio to run an advertising agency in New Haven Connecticut?
1:) Tom Lee  2.) Perry Marshall  3.) Jolly Jim McLaughlin   4.) Mel Hall
6 Davce Scott used to give away the biggest songs on the Finest Forty each afternoon. Was it the....
1.) Scott Set   2.) Music Marathon   3.) Record Rama   4.) Top Pop 5
7 Jim Quinn and Fred Winston both worked at the same station before coming to KQV. What station was it?
1.) WING - Dayton   2.) WABC - New York   3.) WLS - Chicago   4.) KIMN - Denver
8 Which group ot teens did Bob DeCarlo work with? 
1.) CYO   2.) Junior Achievement   3.) Big Brothers and Big Sisters   4.) Radio Kids USA
9 This 70s pop star sang jingles for KQV-FM's Love format. Who was it?
1.) Judy Collins  2.) Barry Manilow  3.) Elton John   4.) Carole King
10 Which Beatles movie premier did KQV give away tickets to at the Stanley Theatre in May, 1970?
1.) A Hard Day's Night   2.) Help !   3.) Magical Mystery Tour   4.) Let It Be
11 Who was best man at Chuck Brinkman's wedding?
1.) PD John Rook   2.) MD Neil McIntyre   3.) PD Mike McCormick   4.) PD Mel Hall
12 In the early 70's picture of KQV promotions could be found on top of these. What were they?
1.) Peoples Cabs   2.) Ice Cream Trucks   3.) Yellow Cabs   4.) Police Cars
13 What was KQV's Dial-A-Score?
1.) Dating Service   2.) Stock Prices   3.) Airline Schedules  4.) Sports Scores
14 In 1961, what was the KQV Basketball Team Called?
1.) The Big 5   2.)  High Hoopers   3.) No Stars   4.) Super Shooters
15 When Dex Allen came to KQV, John Rook picked a different name for him. What was it?
1.) Dexter Kilbride   2.) Henry Gibson   3.) Greg Maddox   4.) Larry Carmichael
16 Who was Jim Quinn's sidekick?
1.) Peggy the Talking Time Telling Pig   2.) Tommy Turntable   3.) Fred Fern his engineer   4.) Ralph Furley
17 This 1960's pop group headlined the Christmas Shower of Stars in 1966. The would not appear in Pittsburgh again until 1986. Who were they?
1.) Dave Clark Five   2.) Monkees   3.) Beatles    4.) Herman's Hermits
18 In 1971, KQV presented this controversial hit musical at the Nixon Theatre. What was it?
1.) Hair   2.) Godspell  3.) Tommy   4.) American Pie
19 On November 22, 1963, this event brought hundreds of people to the corner of Seventh and Smithfield to liisten to KQV. What was it?
1.) David Cassidy   2.) Last night of KQV as a music station   3.) The Beatles Concert  4.) Kennedy Assassination
20 During the 1960's KQV had various names for their oldies weekends, What name did they not use ?
1.) Classic Weekend   2.) Souvenir Weekend   3.) Groovy QV Weekend   4.) Million Dollar Weekend
21 KQV sold more than 5000 posters after the Beatles concert at 25 cents a piece for Charity. Who did the money go to?
1.) American Cancer Society  2.) Goodwill Industries  3.) United Way   4.) Children's Hospital
22 How much were Loge level tickets for the Beatles concert at the Civic Arena in 1964?
1.) $50   2.) $14.10   3.) $5.90   4.) $102.50
23 In the early 1970's the artwork on the cover of the KQV Hit Parades was inspired by what famous artist?
1.) Pablo Picasso   2) Peter Maxx   3) Norman Rockwell   4) Paul Gaugin
24 Jon Summers came to KQV from WSAI in Cincinnati. He attended Broschai College. What did he major in?
1.) Anthropology  2.) Broadcasting   3.) Medicine   4.) Chemistry
25 Which KQV-IP grew up in Scranton, graduated from Penn State and was an allstate backetball player in 1958 while in high school?
1.) Fred Winston   2.) Harry West   3.) Bob DeCarlo   4.) Perry Marshall
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