ABC Pays $700,000 For KQV
Not Yet Decided When CBS Shows Will Be Dropped
By Fred Remington
Press TV-Radio Editor

Pittsburgh Press, Thursday Aug. 29, 1957  (page 7)

     Sale of Radio Station KQV to American Broadcasting Co., Paramount Inc. for $700,000 was announced late yesterday by officials of the Allegheny Broadcasting Co.

     As with the sale of any radio or TV property, approval of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must be obtained before the sale becomes final.  Lee W. Eckels, sectretary of the Alleghney Broadcasting Co., said FCC approval of the proposed sale would be sought next week.

     Other officers in Allegheny Broadcasting Co., include Earl Reed, president, and Irwin D. Wolf Jr., vice president.  Mr. Reed and Mr. Wolf's late father purchased the station in 1944 from the late Hugh J. Brennan.

     When the station will make the switch from it's present CBS network programming to ABC shows is uncertain.  Under it's affiliation agreement with CBS, KQV is committed to giving six months cancellation notice.

     Sale of KQV became a certainty earlier this summer when it's current owners entered a  merger agreement with the Hearst-owned WCAE Inc. to operate jointly TV Channel 4.  FCC regulations prohibit any ownership group from having two radio stations in the same signal area.

     It is the second Pittsburgh radio station to be sold in recent weeks to a broadcasting network.  Earlier this month WJAS was bought by the National Broadcasting Co., pending FCC approval.

     Programs which Pittsburghers can expect when ABC formally takes over KQV include: Don McNeill's "Breakfast Club," the weekly sermons of Dr. Billy Graham, Newscasters Edward P. Morgan and John W. Vandercook, plus numerous live music shows.

     ABC in recent months has dropped most of it's daytime soap operas in favor of live music.

     During the years 1943 through 1945 KQV was an affilliate of the old Blue Network, predecessor of ABC.

     Other ABC owned radio stations include WABC, New York; WBKB, Chicago; KGO, San Francisco; KABC, Los Angeles; WXYZ, Detroit.

     ABC's president is Leonard H. Goldenson, a native of Scottsdale.