KQV Officially Taken
Over By It's
New Owners
Ralph Beaudin Replaces J. F. Murray
By Fred Remington
Press TV-Radio Editor

Pittsburgh Press, Friday December 6, 1957  (page 51)

     KQV officially has become the property of American Broadcasting - Paramount Theaters Inc., popularly know as the ABC network.

   Ralph Beaudin, formerly general manager of WBNY in Buffalo, yesterday succeeded James F. Murray as general manager of the station.

   The new general manager said he could not at this time set a date for KQV's dropping of it's present CBS network programming for the programming of it's new parent company.

   Under KQV's agreement with CBS, the latter is reportedly entitled to six mnths cancellation notice. Since the sale of KQV to American Broadcasting (for $700,00) was negotiated in September, it may be February or March before the program switch takes place.