Who is World Famous. Why Is he here. Where is World Famous. What is he anyway. Why is World Famous. When is he here. 

One of the most creative personalities ever at KQV was World Famous. Jerald Jeffrey Kristafer Jr. came to KQV from 11-7 Radio in Lakewood, New Jersey along with Joey Reynolds. KQV had just been sold by ABC to Taft Broadcasting. Mr. Kristafer, as he called himself, was on late afternoons on KQV.

World Famous billed himself as "The Humble Modest Honest Super Duper Star of Pittsburgh Radio was Lewd, Rude & Crude.  Especially during Gripe Line Time on the Phony Telephone." Jerry was heard with his sidekick. Peggy, the talking. time telling pig. He could be heard with his engineer Clancy Walters. His show was produced by Frank Manamana.

He was very controversial. He managed to antagonize both the NAACP and the NOW. 

During the months he was at KQV, World Famous set a then world record for staying awake on the air while raising food for the Pittsburgh needy.  The record of 102 hours, 19 minutes and 9 seconds was set on February 27, 1975. He was taken to Allegheny General Hospital with exhaustion after it concluded.

His career since KQV included a short time at WFFM in Braddock for a short time in the 1980s.(he used the name EF Hutton for a short time there)  For the most part. Jerry has lived in Connecticut over the years. He was at WKCI in 1979, as well as two stints at WDRC in Hartford. One time was for 15 years, the other for 5 years. He also spent time at WELI in New Haven. He is now heard mornings at WJMJ in Hartford. He celebrated his 40th year on Connecticut radio on January 9, 2017.

World Famous (Jerry Kristafer) Airchecks
 World Famous (1st show beginning)
 World Famous 1975 Aircheck (5:58) 
 World Famous 1975 Aircheck pt.1
 (5:24)  2/27/75
 World Famous 1975 Aircheck pt.2
 (2:55)  2/27/75
 Jerry Kristafer 1975 Aircheck (15:14)
 World Famous Jingle + KQV Jumper + Peggy
 World Famous April 19, 1975 (47:24)