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Jeff Roteman' s

The Big 14 KQV Pittsburgh
WLS logo
The Big 89
Musicradio WLS Chicago

ABC Radio News

The Big 1250 WTAE Pittsburgh

13Q WKTQ Pittsburgh

Bob Dearborn's
Night Time America

WKBO Harrisburg

WIKZ Chambersburg

Scott Childers'
History of WLS Chicago

John Mehno's
KQV Pittsburgh 80th Birthday

Ric Collins & John Mehno's
1020 KDKA's Rege Cordic

KABC Archives
KABC Los Angeles

Woody Goulart's
Boss Radio 93/KHJ Los Angeles

Honey Radio Detroit's WHND
This site may be down 1/21/07

Allan Harris's
This site may be down 1/21/07

Bill Danning's

KDWB Minneapolis

WDGY Minneapolis

Joe Wicks'

95 KIMN 
The Best Show in Denver

The Mighty 1290 KOIL Omaha

Ron Turner's
Famous 56 WFIL Philadelphia

Buffalo Radio

Norm Gregory's
KJR Seattle Channel 95
This site may be down 1/21/07

Dennis Hart's
NBC Radio's Monitor

Arnold Zlotnik's
Johnny Mann Singers

WPGC AM and FM Washington

Scott Westerman's
Keener 13 WKNR Detroit

Philadelphia Radio

1540 WPTR Albany

John Quincy's
79 WAKY Louisville

Don Tandler's
Pop Gold Radio

Ray Glasser's
WIXY 1260 Cleveland

Brian Holmes'
The Power Pig, WFLZ Tampa

WKIX Alumni Association's
WKIX Rewound, Raleigh

Dale Parsons'
WGH, Norfolk
Uncle Ricky top 40 gif
Reel Top 40 Radio Repository
Uncle Ricky's Tribute to
Top 40 Radio

Ben Freedman's

Jingle University 

The Instant Radio Station
Great sites for Jingle
Enthusiasts and Collectors

Dale Patterson's
Rock Radio Scrapbook

Dennis Burns'
Radioactive Newsletter

Doug Allen's 
Tribute to Wolfman Jack

Ron Riley
One of WLS favorite personalities

Jon Wolfert's

 Pams Productions of Dallas

Jam Creative Productions of Dallas

Tom Konard's
Aircheck Factory

Jingle Web Logo
Jingle Web from the Society Of Radio Jingles And Tunes

Norman Barrington's
Radio Pages

Chris Tracy's

 Springfield Radio

WHYN Springfield, Mass.

WACKY 102 Springfield, Mass.

A Tribute to
The Big 1290 WIRL
Peoria Illinois
This site may be down 1/21/07

Russell Wells'
Big 610 WSGN Birmingham
This site may be down 1/21/07

Dennis Younker's
Pirate Radio KQLZ Los Angeles

Bill Dulmage's
CHUM & CFTR Toronto
WKBW & WGR Buffalo

These sites may be down 1/21/07

Dick Camnitz'
Channel 95 WLOF Orlando

Steve McVie's Tribute to
Mike Joseph's
Hot Hits Format

Steve West's

Aircheck Website

99X WXLO New York

A Tribute to the history of
radio and TV broadcasting in
Des Moines and Central Iowa

Marc Denis'
CKGM Montreal

Marc Denis'
CFOX Montreal

Bob Padilla's
Central Florida Radio

Allan Sniffen's

 Musicradio 77 WABC New York

WMCA New York

Jim Reed's
66 WNBC New York
The Time Machine

Shel Swartz's
680 WRKO Boston

Steven Geisler's
Tiger Radio WQAM Miami

William Schenold's
Big 10 Super CFL Chicago
This site is down 1/21/07

Jack Decker's
The Big 8 CKLW Windsor

Kris Earl Phillips'

 Famous 56 WFIL Philadelphia

Big 99 WIBG Philadelphia

Art Roberts
One of WLS favorite Personalities

Jim Lowe's
WLAC Nashville

John Porcaro's
97DJ WWDJ Hackensack

Ed Brouder's

Big D WDRC Hartford

1410 WPOP Hartford
Home of the Good Guys

Man From Mars Productions

KLOS Archives
KLOS-FM Los Angeles

Steve Eberhart's
KLIF 1190 Dallas

CHUM Toronto
Featuring CHUM Charts

KQV old logo (red/yellow)KQV old logo (red/yellow)
Dave Burton's
Hal Murray's Militia Airchecks

Mike Berry & Skip McCloskey's 
Great 98 WRC Washington

InterNetwork Broadcasting's
WLNG Eastern Long Island

David Fill's
KB Radio 15 - WKBW Buffalo

Paul O'Steen's
Phillie's Hot Hits
98 Now WCAU-FM

Richard Fatherly's
WHB Kansas City
World's Happiest Broadcasters

Reelradio's Tribute to
Robert W. Morgan

Neal Bowden's
Aircheck Site

Rick Kelly's
Aircheck Site

Bob Mitchell's
WOLF Syracuse

AJ Lindsey's
KAAY 1090, Little Rock

John Quincy's
WKLO, Louisville
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