Remember the new FM Stereo sound on KQV-FM in 1969. It was called LOVE FM. LOVE combined progressive rock music with honest, meaningful talk.  Brother John Rydgren was the host of these shows that were produced by ABC and sent to the 7 ABC owned & operated FM stations (KQV-FM, WABC-FM, WLS-FM, WXYZ-FM, KABC-FM, WXYZ-FM, and KGO-FM). By the fall of 1970, the LOVE stations were no more to be replaced by individual progressive album rock stations. WDVE-FM in Pittsburgh would be born out of this change. 
Thanks to Ken R you can now hear the jingles produced by PAMS for LOVE FM for KQV-FM in 1969

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KQV-FM Jingles
In the early days of KQV-FM, during the Love FM period, Elton John sang a couple of the jingles heard on the air. These were probably from 1969 or 1970 They were produced at Marble Arch Studio. Thanks to Tim Brown.

Thanks to Allen B. Shaw for this article. Allen was the creater of Love FM

George Yahraes director of advertising and promotion, Brother John Rydgren
and Allen B. Shaw putting together the Love format in 1968

The ABC Love programming tream with Richard Silverberg, Howard Smith, Peter Bohme,
George Yahraes, Jim Smith, Brother John Rydgren, Pat Rasbach and T.J. Johnson.

1971 WDVE Poster from Allen B. Shaw
KQV-FM Jingles
Here is a set of early KQV-FM early jingles provided by Neil Hart. Included is some WABC-FM stuff as well..