Marsha Kniceley / Kasey Forbes
Marsha Kniceley (Kasey Forbes) joined KQV late summer 1974. She was the first and only female disc jockey at KQV during the top 40 era. She worked the overnight shift (2 - 6am) at KQV. Marsha was assigned the name Kasey Forbes when she got to KQV. "Jim Carnegie gave me the name Kasey Forbes because he wanted a name that would relate to listeners and no one would believe that Marsha Kniceley is my real name." In January of 1975 she was allowed to use her real name, Marsha Kniceley when program director began the "Pittsburgh knows KQV on a first name basis" campaign.

In February, 1975 Marsha left KQV. She spent time at WHLW, 11-7 in Lakewood New Jersey then went on to WNBC in New York. She also worked at WACQ in Lexington for 7 - midnight in 1977.
Her career included Motor Sports Network in NJ. Marsha now lives in 
Pinehurst, N.C. 

Marsha in 1977                                         Marsha in 2006