Monroe Bowl
Lee Horvitz and his family built Monroe Bowl into one of the finest and busiest bowling facilities in the Pittsburgh area. Not only was Monroe Bowl Lee's family business, but as you can see on the list below, so many other families also worked and grew up at Monroe Bowl. It has been asked why this list is not alphabetical. I thought it would be interesting to see how many families and extended families were part of the Monroe Bowl family.

It's hard to be any more family than this.
(July 11, 1975)

So many fine people worked at Monroe Bowl over the years. This is just the beginning of the list. More will be added soon.

Lee Horvitz * Sam Horvitz * Jeff Roteman Frank Vincent *
Bernie Horvitz Marvin Horvitz Brad Roteman Rose Serianni
Morris Horvitz David Horvitz Mike Roteman Angie Serianni
Fern Horvitz Gus Dubiner Ginny Crane * Jack Ridgeley *
Dick Toto Freddie Fischler * Bill Crane * Mary Hart
Rick Brunori Peggy Parkinson * Pam Crane Delores Paradise
Tony Del Prete Denny Witt * Amelia Leonard * JoAnn Lyons *
Jeff Rosenthal Nancy Miller Gardner * Barry Ahearn * Larry Lyons
Lynn Rubin Rosenthal Sam Miller Kay Buczkowski * Bobby Lyons
Marcy Andelmo Sue Miller Bruce Phillips Mary Lou Sartain *
Norma Patterson * Janice Gardner Doug Smith Denise Sartain
Eddie Ross Jean Gardner Marlyn Marusko * Bobby Sartain
Billie Ross Shawn Buccigrossi Melanie Marusko Debbie Sartain
Lori Ross Phyllis Bennett * Dana Mitchell Donna Sartain
Larry Ross Norma Jean Fahey Jimmy Mitchell Ed Fleming
Les Scheible Doug Harnden John Humphreys * Gary Fleming
Chuck Hopbell * Ray Fisher * Darrell Humphreys Greg Stadler
Audrey Goga Joanne Nagy Diane Jones Ted Karas
Gene Legg * Sam Blazevich * Darrell Shumar Gerry Gable *
Candy Neff Patty Zoretich Luke Mochan Tommy Gable
Mary Shaeffer * Ruth Banks Mary Lou Mochan Sue Gable
Lou Okert * Jim Kephart * Charlene Ramey Bob Gable
Jane Okert Tommy Kephart * Steve Ramey Don Gable
Beth Okert Rose Funyak Ray Ramey Bonnie Roman
Laurie Okert Joey Funyak Clyde Kitchen * Bill Schneider *
Bill Dunn * Bill Lawson * Daryl Gore Diane Parker
JoAnn Schmezer * Joan Rainey Tom Tarly Sarah Simmons
Walt Delancey Bill Miller Tony Krivi Cam Schrock
Mary Lou Delancey Brad Morris * Joe Krivi Elaine Margo
Nancy Delancey Gene Katz * Marie Krivi Bill Munda
Billy Delancey David Katz Iva Meyers Eileen Woodson
Bonnie Iezzi Ralph Gravante Tom Marcin Clayton Woodson
Sandy Iezzi Bob Patterson Larry Haines * Julia Slunsky *
Louie Carletti Dan Pasko Syl Madden Gary Cochran
John Knabenshue Colleen Clark Lorraine Madden Joe Caltagirone *
Jean Adams David Green Sharon Madden Wendy Shumaker
Jimmy Hood Brad Baltrus Kenny Bloom * Hank Ford
Flo Cook * Vince Balisterus Chuck Kozuch Mark Linder
Ron Monaco Jeanne Watkins Janey Coe Bill Grzywinski
Marvin Otto * Dick Culiani (skating) ? Al Butch Willis Steve Ward
Barbara Hall Todd Eagan * Carl (skating) Howard Pitler
Richard Hall Dave Desmond Bob Decker Beth Humbertson
Gwen Learn Sam Solomon * Ruth Holmes Judy McNamara
Joe Learn Bob Kerr Barbara Watson Merle Schilling
Suzy Boyd David Boyd George Toth * Al Bowie *
Mary Jo ? Georgia McCarter Mike Smoley Joe Bowman
Doug Terwilliger Kenneth Nickel Fred Wilkins Ed Minich
Gloria Bassett / Barone Regina (?) Daniels  Randy Leighton  
Tim Grady
(Putt Putt Owner)
Terry Grady
(Putt Putt Owner)
Bob Poltis
(Putt Putt Owner)
Joe Betor
(Putt Putt Owner)
* deceased
Did you work at Monroe Bowl ? Let me know what you are doing now. If I missed your name on this page, please contact me. There are more than 25 years of memories and good people to be included here. Please help fill this list. If you have any pictures, also let me know. If you'd like to have your email address added to your name, please let me know.
... Jeff Roteman
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